• Laurence Ringo

    Having read Raymond Burke’s comments inre the Vatican’s mandate for the embattled sisters of LCWR,one word leap out in sharp,ugly relief,though its actually unspoken:Heel!! Enough of you daring to think you can actually think! You know you are to submit your will and intellect to your masters(I.e.the high and mighty bishops),so stop equivocating and defying us and do as your’re told and all will be well.If we want your opinion the nearest bishop will give it to you! So…there it is,nuns.What say you?

  • Rev. Phil White

    I believe the headline and premise of the article about there being no Protestant candidates from major political parties is flawed. Obama is a Protestant, coming from the United Church of Christ. Morman is a Protestant denomination. Now, if the headline were to say no Vice-Presidential candidate, then it is closer to the author’s point. It might be interesting to explore the way Roman Catholicism is understood and expressed by the incumbant and candidate.

  • Steve Swenson

    It’s from “a major political party” not from “major political parties.” Many would also argue with terming the Mormon church a protestant body, unless you include every religious organization that is “non-Catholic.”