• frequentwind

    Pretty sure a seminary can fire a teacher for presenting views at odds with the seminary’s doctrine. It’s that whole First Amendment thing.

  • Chris Johnson

    I’m not clear how this is a first amendment issue. The seminary is in no way a representative of the government. Seminaries are always able to hire and fire based on faith issues. They are not required to hire an atheist teacher, or a Wiccan one, or a Muslim one. So why wouldn’t they be able to determine who on their faculty represents their theological perspective?

  • floydlee

    I do not know what specific book was involved in the controversy, but I have read outstanding, first-class evangelical books from the Inter-Varsity Press dealing with homosexuality, such as Thomas E.Schmidt’s “Straight and Narrow? Compassion and Clarity in the Homosexuality Debate.” If the Interdenominational Theological Center has become uncomfortable with evangelical perspectives, if they don’t want their students being exposed to IVP books of that caliber, I as a black Christian would have to recommend that prospective students look elsewhere.

  • John Doll

    It appears that yet another Christian institution has caved to the homosexual community and political correctness. This is becoming more commonplace with each passing year and battle lines are being drawn. Gray areas are diminishing and spiritual integrity is becoming more black and white. The Devil seeks to deceive and devour.

  • Fredrick A. Davis

    I Believe that the destruction of ITC will be at the hands of this new administration. I also believe since both the President and Professor are practicing Presbyterians, I’m not surprise at their actions against this Brother of Evangelical perspective.