Cardinal Timothy Dolan’s GOP convention blessing prompts debate

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RNS photo by Gregory A. Shemitz

RNS photo by Gregory A. Shemitz

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(RNS) The news that New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the nation’s most prominent Catholic prelate, will deliver the closing blessing to the Republican National Convention in Florida next week was seen as a huge coup for Mitt Romney, the presumptive nominee. But the move has promoted a sharp debate within the church over the increasingly close ties between leading bishops and the GOP. By David Gibson.

  • Rosey

    Big mistake IMHO. I cannot even look at a picture of Cardinal Dolan without feeling disgusted at his slap in the face to women (especially young faithful, informed women) by not cancelling the Al Smith dinner. I am not proud of this feeling–I am just stating the true feelings that occur when I see a picture of him.

    Then, recently when i asked a normally extremely intelligent Priest a question about the dinner, and he replied with their “prepared” pat answer that “Even Jesus sat down with tax collectors” I was sickened. It is so much more than that. But, I guess they received their talking points and are sticking to them. So very, very, sad.

    His invite for the closing prayer by the RNC is not going to sit well with conservative women. I hope they have the guts and brains to rethink this invite, unlike Cardinal Dolan whom has, to the many of the faithful laity’s dismay, dug his heels in on the Al Smith dinner, and even more disturbing, issued his trite talking point that in itself is belittling to women by not even allowing informed discourse to take place.