Cardinal Timothy Dolan asks candidates to sign civility pledge

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RNS photo by Gregory A. Shemitz

RNS photo by Gregory A. Shemitz

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NEW YORK (RNS) Cardinal Timothy Dolan, who sparked controversy by agreeing to deliver the closing blessing at the Republican convention in Tampa this week, on Monday raised more questions about his political role by asking both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama to sign a “civility pledge” promoted by a leading conservative Catholic activist. By David Gibson.

  • stanchaz

    Dearest Cardinal Dolan:
    Your boss was quoted as once saying
    ” What you do for the least of these, you do for me”.
    But your smiling, oh-so-civil face at the Republican Convention
    kinda makes me wonder just who YOU are working for…..

  • Barb

    I guess you don’t know that, after agreeing to do the Benediction at the Republican Convention, Cardinal Dolan approached the DNC and stated that he would be glad to do the Benediction at their Convention too. THEY TURNED HIM DOWN!

  • Darlene Smart

    When D’s and R’s make pacts, sign agreements or otherwise promise to abstain from
    a process which disturbs some people, guess who is most likely to keep their word, or not.
    D’s are famous for their sly , slick promises and broken words.
    Imagine both sides entering a boxing ring. The R’s have at least one hand bound behind the back, while the D’s have lead filled gloves, and both hands free to pulverize their opponent.
    Prove me wrong, or try!

  • Jack

    1. Republicans are racists more than Democrats…
    2. Democrats care for the poor more than Republicans…
    3. Republicans are more wealthy than Democrats…
    4. Democrats are more “in touch” than Republicans…
    5. All women are Democrats
    6. Only rich white guys are Republicans
    7. Liberals are really “liberal” with their own money
    8. Conservatives are tight-wads
    9. A bigger government is a more compassionate government
    10. The National Debt doesn’t really matter
    11. Printing money won’t impact inflation
    12. Capitalism is bad for the poor
    13. The government creates jobs…

  • philip

    Republican – Democrat….the party is over. Let’s play nice is a great idea, I just wonder how true to the pact they will be. Obama’s America 2016 is a must see movie. The conclusions made are sound. I viewed it Sunday night and ask now this question; Will heaping coals of kindness tame a venomous snake?
    Who knows.

  • marynmom

    Just get rid of the tax exemption that is chaining the Catholic Church and prevents her from speaking up for candidates as they support the candidates who FOLLOW THE TEACHINGS OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH!!!!!!!!! We are being controlled by the government already by this tax exemption! We have already been silenced! (BTW Dolan is giving the prayer at the conclusion of the DNC too — are you happy?)

  • Juan Oskar

    “Civility pledge”??? Is Cardinal Dolan still in 7th grade? 😀 There’s nothing ‘civil’ forcing Catholics to pay for a pro-death healthcare system. The Cardinal is really starting to look very silly to me.

  • Juergensen

    When is he going to ask “Catholic” candidates to stop supporting the butchering of babies? Oh, yeah, “civility” is more important.

  • Vin

    I hope the dems will live up to it if they sign on. I doubt it. The reps cannot hold back if they don’t. The whole mess was started by the dems although they won’t admit it. As far as abortion, Cardinal Dolan has been on the forefront of the battle against it. There is just so far you can go when you are dealing with people who have been given freedom to choose their own paths in life. We all have to continue to pray for God’s guidance for ourselves and our leaders to do the right things to get our country back on track.

  • Anderson Thomas

    Dolan, where do you start to comment about such a groveling irreverent child. All hell has turned loose on the world and he prattling on “lets talk nice” to mad dog antichrists. He doesn’t even have a clue what his vocation or faith is about or what’s going on. He and the American catholic conferences of Bishops have been groveling at the feet of Baby murdering corrupts left wing communist Democrats for decades. He has dropped his pants in public for Hillary Obama and radical anti human forces of the Satan’s new world order. He will probably be begging them for a spot at the microphone while they shove him in the prison camp crematory. How did this pathetic joke even become a priest in the catholic church let alone an Archbishop? This wanna be lick spittle political player is an embarrassment to our Lord our Faith and Us.

  • seeking the truth

    I agree with marynmom – get rid of the tax exemption and you will get rid of the ‘we can’t preach on one candidate or the other’ nonsense the Catholic Church is forced to display when preaching from the Ambo. You would also get rid of them being bound by this ‘benefit’ they receive from the Government – so they can do more and better works in the communities they serve – as they aren’t bound by any ‘rules’ saying that they can’t do this or that or they’ll lose that benefit.

    Also – you’ll lose the false ‘requirement’ of people having to register with their local parishes to be considered a parishioner and have a Pastor. You are a member of your local Parish simply by the fact that you live within the boundaries of the Parish, and are a baptized Catholic. (Canon Law 96). When you are told you must register – it is only so they can have ‘more records’ to turn in regarding your donations to them – for the IRS – for tax purposes. Isn’t giving supposed to be anonymous – why then do they require this? Because they get the exemption from the Government – if they will report these donations and who makes them (those little envelopes aren’t just for your convenience!)

    Because of these ‘benefits’ they receive from the Government, the Catholic Church doesn’t really have a leg to stand on when they really need it – NOW – to try to tell you what to do about this next election – to help stop the HHR bill and get it overturned – they can’t really preach from the ambo about this as strongly as the people in Church on Sunday need to hear it to make a difference.

    Calling meetings about it – helps a little – but those who come – they are already concerned about it – they know whats going on. But on Sunday – they have a ‘captive audience’ so to speak and they have the opportunity to really capture someone’s attention that may not be aware of how serious this is otherwise – but they can’t really preach on it.

    So when we speak of civility pacts being signed – perhaps if the Church didn’t get this benefit – so they could speak as they need to – there wouldn’t be a need for this ‘pact’. People need to think more about HOW they act, not what is said, and if they would just put God first, and think – what would I do if Jesus were standing before me right now – BEFORE they act or ‘sling mud’ – the pact wouldn’t be necessary. If the voters would let the candidates know that they are WATCHING what they are doing and are impacted more by the candidates actions and how they treat the other candidate and other political figures – more than by what is said by them or on their behalf – then the candidates would watch their actions more and know that they are being watched and what they DO is more important than what is said.

  • philip

    Good ideas! It is time. When I rallied in March and June for Religious Freedom some of our Catholic priests chose not to stand up and defend our freedom of conscience from the ambo. Others including a 84 year old (retired…yea right) priest spoke boldly and clearly about the infringement of the HHS mandate on our freedoms.
    Maybe a tax status change is what is needed…however I cringe at the thought of our govt. using more dollars to support P.P.
    A retired priest…..they are so strong and precious. They go on working until they are spent. God bless them.

  • Coach D

    How about a pledge to eliminate ‘deceit’ and ‘partial truths’ that are often misleading from both campaigns. Then perhaps the ‘truth’ can truly set us free.