• NPLenz

    ‘The parents of Tyler Clementi have left their longtime evangelical church due to its views on homosexuality.’

    Let’s see…the church teaches homosexuality is a sin.

    God teaches (in the Bible) that homosexuality (as well as a lot of other things) is a sin.

    Therefore…blame the church instead of God.

    I get it.

  • Jay

    Didnt the church have the same views BEFORE the poor kid took a header into the hudson??

  • Judy

    First, NPLenz, I would disagree with your interpretation of Scripture. Secondly, churches can be astonishingly cold and hostile places–not only toward gay people but toward the parents, siblings, and other family members of gay parishioners. Single heterosexual adults, in fact, are often the target of homophobic campaigns of whispering and gossip. It’s one of the many evils of homophobia–anyone can be singled out for hateful treatment, whether gay or straight.