• Wonderjudas

    Does this mean that ice tea is allowed or not?

  • Darcy

    Last time I read the health based doctrines (which was a loooong time ago) it was specifically the heat of the drink not the make up of it that mattered. Seems like ice tea should be ok.

  • Chuck Atwater

    It’s always been quite clear: hot caffeinated beverages are bad, like coffee and tea. Iced tea, which of course begins life as a hot caffeinated beverage, is also therefore bad. Hot chocolate, which may start as a cold caffeinated beverage, is clearly okay. Coca-cola, which is always a cold caffeinated beverage (and stock in which is owned by the church) is fine. There, simple isn’t it?

  • Greg Monasco

    The church does not own Coca-Cola’s stock:

  • Agnikan

    How does the Mormon prohibition of tea affect the Tea-Party?

  • Rose

    It must be frustrating knowing your god can change his mind – inconsistency is an earthly trait.