• Brian

    Sister Simone speaks here about social issues, especially the issue of poverty. People on both sides have different ideas on how the problem of poverty can be approached. The problem with Sr. Simone’s appearance as a speaker at the Democratic Convention is it “implies” that the Catholic Church supports the platform of the Democratic Party. It does not. It is very sad to say that the Democratic Party is promoting the culture of death. That was made very clear last night after listening to Sandra Flukes speech.

    Yes – the issue of poverty is a LIFE issue of great importance. But the issue of ABORTION, which is murder, trumps all other issues.

    Sister is only a sister by the good graces of the Church. She should defend all that the Church teaches. She should have mentioned clearly the grave danger of a party platform that promotes the killing of the unborn.

  • LoneThinker

    So sad, but they say the Devil can quote the Bible to suit his case. . Jesus must weep and His Mother feel sad that one of His Brides selectively rejects what His Gospel says.

  • David Gregory

    Talk about a “cafeteria Catholic”! Sr. Campbell criticizes Romney-Ryan on hypothetical budget issues, but has no moral problem with the anti-Catholic agenda of the Obama-Biden administration (abortion, gay marriage, government mandates on private religious institutions, etc.). What a hypocrite!

  • Mark

    It’s too bad that Sister has been used as a pawn in the game of politics, especially on a national stage…who is advising her? where is her spiritual adviser. To also, so to speak, give the nod, that Catholics are for the democrats – a promoter of Godlessness (secularism and atheism) and a planned parenthood owned party at tax payers expense (half billion $$$) – is another twisted notion.

    This Sister has cast hersef as a democrat, the same party that deleted God from its` platform (and then flip-flopped) and had a head line speaker from the national abortion rights association – when obama said abortion should be rare.

    We are witnessing, lies, deceipt, twisted speech, and confusion right out in the open.
    God help us.

    Pray to and rely on God – The Holy Trinity.

  • Sandra

    I think this nun should we removed from the church. Since when does the Catholic church let nun campaign. I do not believe this.

  • Joe Brafford

    Notice that Sister campbell did not mention how we should address the now $16 trillion deficit. Shwe also didn’t mention how to address the underlying causes of poverty i.e. out-of-wedlocj birth, single-parenting, separation and divorce, school dropouts, illiteracy, illegal immigration, lack of respect for authority, lack of self-control and self-discipline, etc. I wonder what a Sister Campbell budget proposal would look like? Is a $20 trillion deficit okay with her? She has her head in the sand like so many other liberal activists. She has no business representing the entire Catholic church with her partisan comments.

  • Matthew

    Real nice, people. Your opinion of us simple “bleeding hearts” is clear. I don’t know if any of you are Catholic yourselves, but forget about theology: Simple lack of compassion will continue to repel me and my godless family from your stingy, hateful congregations.

    Meanwhile, you all and the U.S. bishops make it sound like the Devil gave us brains: Apparently, our soft-hearted women religious are similarly afflicted!

    You foetus-lovers make a pretty picture, too, waiting around outside Planned Parenthood to kick a girl when she’s down and block her access to what little hope and refuge she may seek under what are obviously sad circumstances for all involved. I have difficulty understanding those who claim to be “spiritual” and set mere biology over the human spirit, who offer no love or knowledge to children always struggling to make their way in our world.

    If “the least of these” does not mean a desperate, knocked-up girl, I don’t know what it means. Zygotes, maybe? Zygotes and embryos are fascinating things, and the unknowable human potential those cells-then-tissues-then-organisms represent merits our respect and humility, but I dare say, I feel my obligation to the present reality of a thinking, feeling girl is far greater than to any representative of human potential.

    Some of you might argue Jesus said, “Love one another,” but forgot to add sensible qualifications like, “At least those who are Godly and well-mannered, and not to such an extent that you jeopardize your own financial well-being.” Or maybe “love” has a special, technical meaning for Christians, and all the evil we do each other in this world–most readily achieved through neglect and thoughtlessness–is made up for by the Christian “love” and “faith” buried in our hearts.

    How convenient! Our consciences thus assuaged, it ought to be easy to balance the budget with some “tough” and “courageous” policies (sensus Romney & Ryan). After all, God didn’t make us the 7th richest nation in the world just for us to turn around and waste it, mollycoddling the sick, poor, and otherwise unproductive, now did He?

  • Lisa

    Give it a rest already!
    Must be so exhausting to carry all that bitterness inside!
    I’ll pray for you, Lord knows you need a lot of those!

  • Matthew

    Thanks, Lisa…I think….

    I consider myself better off than most, besides the big chip on my shoulder….

    You’re certainly not required to share my concerns, and perhaps you have bigger fish to fry that would just go right over my head. Still, if you have room for the likes of *me* in your prayers, I’d humbly ask you preferentially included those in more urgent and material distress.

    (Meanwhile, I’ll take your good advice and rest!)

  • Mark

    Religious zealots only care about life in the womb, but they couldn’t care less once you’re out. If Sr C van be criticized for being at the Dem convention because they’re murderers, shouldn’t Catholics at the Republican convention be criticized for supporting a pro-death penalty party?
    Sr C represents everything good I was taught as a Catholic. It’s the actions of priests & bishops in their handling of sexual abuse that drove me from the Church. If the Church spent more time worrying about the people that need us to follow Christ’s teaching as opposed to fighting culture wars, then I’d return.
    Until then, God bless Sr C. A true Catholic that cares about the poor and needy first and foremost.

  • Shawn

    Thank you Matthew and Mark for your articulate rebuttal to the close-minded, hate-mongering right wing extremists who are so easily lead around by the Republican Party.

  • Ruth

    Why is it that when someone disagrees with a liberal, they are called ‘close-minded, hate mongerers”? It is quite possible to disagree with another person’s views and not feel hate. I understand your point of view but do not ascribe to it. How about some civil discourse. You’d have a much better chance at changing someone’s mind if you used cogent, articulate arguments rather than stooping to name calling and epithets & generalizations.

  • MD

    Because you are spreading hate in your posts. Re-read and rethink what YOU have said. If you are knocking a nun that is devoted to helping the less fortunate because she has chosen a political philosophy that you disagree with, then the devil has truly won, and your the one we need to pray for. The core of Christianity is tolerance, acceptance and caring for people less fortunate then you.

  • Ruth

    WHAT!!!!!!!! The core of Christianity is to treat ALL people with love not only those with whom you agree. Also, there is more than one way to care for the poor. Again, disagreeing with someone is not equal to hate nor is it personally ‘knocking’ someone-it is disagreeing. No devil involved just a different philosophy or is there only one way-your way-to help the poor. Sounds a bit close-minded.