• Michael

    Historians have been telling the backstory (of any given contemporary crisis) for decades. The problem is our sound bite-driven, cable news-devouring culture doesn’t want to sit still long enough to digest it.

  • Michael

    Historians have been telling the backstory of any given contemporary crisis for decades. The problem is that our sound and video bite-driven way of understanding the broader world leaves no room (read: airtime) for nuanced, contextual explanations.

  • Connie Harris

    Would people listen to a brief explanation of both sides? Has this ever been tried in any consistent way? PBS seems to have a forum where both sides are represented. Maybe there should be someone who could point out how a problem could be resolved. In my humble opinion, Fareed Zacharia on CNN seems to do that very thing.

  • Dean W

    The simple, clear, and concise message from God to love others (all others) unconditionally makes all the backstories of individuals, families, groups, countries, and cultures irrelevant. If we could only follow that simple command to the full height, breadth, and depth that we are all capable of, we could transform the world and create an entirely new backstory for this generation and all the ones that follow. If enough people were to love others unconditionally, and do it no matter what resistance or negative response they got, the world would start to change, and eventually, solutions to what seemed to be insurmountable conflicts would emerge.

    The beauty of this divine guidance is that it’s within our own power to do without any training or delay. We don’t have to wait on anyone else to start. In the past couple days I have spoken God’s love into the lives of an alcoholic homeless person, a sex offender who was in court for not registering his address change, and a neighborhood drug dealer. I offered them this love without judgement or condemnation. By doing so I am not condoning their behavior. I am simply bringing a little bit God’s grace and mercy into lives that have seen very little (if any) of it in the past. I was able to see some unexpected tangible ripples of light beginning to radiate out from these people even in these brief encounters. How much light would flood the world and how much real change could take place if people who are normally despised and condemned at every turn started feeling God’s love through the simple kindness of others on a consistent basis? How many cultures could start healing the wounds of never ending conflicts by using these same principles? Isn’t it worth a try? Isn’t it really the only answer?

  • sth

    Perhaps trying to understand the backstory is one manifestation of love – it shows that one is willing to take some time to get to know a person and their culture rather than making assumptions that could lead to misunderstandings.

  • AbnomsEssence

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