Pastors to challenge IRS over political endorsements, and they’re likely to get away with it

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RNS photo courtesy Skyline Church

RNS photo courtesy Skyline Church

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LOS ANGELES (RNS) In a matter of days, some 1,400 American pastors are planning to break the law by endorsing a political candidate. And they’re likely to get away with it. By Lilly Fowler.


  • Todd Flowerday

    For us Catholics, getting political is a chancy thing, especially for bishops. Many believers are very fatigued by the seemingly endless political campaign, and a significant number are bitter toward their bishops. Some may vote the opposite of endorsement.

  • Louise M. Mancinelli

    The clerics and others in power do not have the right to dictate who we vote for. The days of them telling us what to do are over. We are intelligent, thinking human beings made in the Image of God and are quite capable of making decisions.

  • SteveMiller

    I say drop the tax exempt for any and ALL religious organizations, Then the pastors can say what ever that wish to their congregation. But if you did that they would have to stop driving gas guzzling SUV’s and Mercedes Benz.

    You see the sad part is people go to church to get WISDOM and direction FROM Gods WORD. If you allow the pastor to peddle HIS OWN agenda to a captive audience that has come with an intent to submit to the word, they will only get caught up with the church leaders personal propaganda.

    This is how the Jim Jones and David koresh’s of the world come into being.

    Personally, if a pastor starts to talk about anything else but SCRIPTURE. I am walking out. Not what I came to church for.