Episcopal bishop says he was denied entrance to Catholic archbishop’s installation Mass

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(RNS) What started off as a rocky relationship between the Episcopal and Roman Catholic bishops of San Francisco got even worse on Thursday (Oct. 4) when Episcopal Bishop Marc Andrus said he was denied entrance to the installation Mass of the new Roman Catholic archbishop. By Kevin Eckstrom.

  • Bernard Law

    If the Episcopal bishop were drunk, like Cordileone was when he was driving a car, the Catholic church might have let him in.

    If the Episcopal bishop were a child rapist, like so many pedophile priests that Cordileone hid & helped over the years, the Catholic church might have let him in.

  • Stephen Stroup

    At what time (hour) did the invitation to local clergy specify that they needed to arrive at the Installation Mass in order to participate in the Mass’ entrance procession? What time did the invitation that Bishop Marc received specify? If Bishop Marc arrived by the specified time but was then denied entrance to the Mass, it appears that he was a victim of inhospitality and discrimination…which, according to my understanding of Christ’s teachings and life, is obviously un-Christian behavior. However, if Bishop Marc arrived later than the specified time, then it seems reasonable that he was denied participation in the procession. What are the true facts? I’d like to know. Thanks.

  • Stephen Stroup

    The Roman Catholic Church’s “hard line stance on homosexuality” is a major reason why I discontinued being a member of the Roman Catholic Church. Its stance is very inconsistent with my understanding of Jesus Christ and Christianity; with my knowledge of professional bio-psycho-social literature and practice; and with my personal gratitude to God for having given me the gift of homosexuality…in addition to the innumerable other gifts with which God has gifted me. I believe that God is most respected when his creatures live their lives authentically with gratitude for the gifts which God has given. I am very grateful that God has created…and continues to create…Christian faith communities that, although they may have disagreements among and between them, authentically honor God and support their members in living according to Christ’s authentic teachings.

  • Jim Hermes

    Homosexuality is sin according to scripture (see Romans). Because some denominations are tolerent of sin, doesn’t mean it it ok.plann

  • Steve

    The Catholic Church does not teach that homosexuality is a sin; nor does Sacred Scripture proclaims that it is. Homosexuality is not a sin and heterosexuality is not a sin. Read Romans again. Also read the document “Always Our Children” by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Sacred Scripture teaches as does the Church that homosexual acts are sinful. The Church only condemns sinful acts, not people.

    The Church also teaches that marriage is between one man and one woman, as the apostles and hence the Church has always taught. Read early Church documents. This is based upon divine law and natural law. Read the Gospel of Mark, for example. The teachings of Jesus that come from the apostles are exactly that; the teachings of Jesus as the apostles taught.

    Many people want the teachings of Jesus to be what they want the teachings of Jesus to be, e.g., Henry VIII. Epsicopalianism is protestant. Protestantism in all its forms has rejected or modified the teachings of Jesus that come from the apostles, such as the seven sacraments, divorce, the Eucharist, to mention just a few.

    It is important to understand that Catholicism is not protestant and that Protestantism is not Catholic.

  • John McGrath

    Readers here are too polite. The new Catholic bishop is installed surrounded by lies blessed by him. This is an omen.

  • Jumping in . . .

    As a practicing Catholic, the explanation given by the SF diocese is nonsense. The Episocpal Bishop was not late. Maybe, –though, for the parade in. Catholics love parading around the church up, down and around the asiles with incense. Even so, the amount of people who show up late for Mass is standard in the Catholic church. Surely the Episcopal Bishop could have been escorted to a seat which (apparently) they already had reserved for him. Why invite the guy and then not seat him? Talk about inhospitable and ungracious hosts !!

  • James

    How silly to invite people of denominations that do not hold the Bible as God’s word and their ultimate Authority. Do Catholics need so many people participating in their parades? It turns an otherwise solemn ceremony into a farce. Roman Catholic faithful and those church leaders of other faiths that are “God-fearers”, should be there.

    This man should never have been invited to the installation. What did the archdiocese THINK would happen? Whomever is responsible for the invitation should be FIRED. There is a lack of common sense here, and no one appears to be on the same page.

    Archbishop Cordelione (although he is not responsible for this) should offer an apology to this man, and offer to take him to lunch, to make amends. It was a mistake that could easily have been avoided, but now that it’s done, the buck needs to stop w/ the archbishop. Letting it go, without any acknowledgement is rude.

    Bible believing Christians (of any denomination, including Roman Catholic bishops and archbishops, IF they believe in the word) and non-Christians are to be “unequally yoked”. Parading in an entrance ceremony is not essential. Believing God’s word IS essential, in this life and in the next. We need to get our priorities in order.

    People that are impressionable will look for the “fruit” of ones actions, and our bishops need to follow Jesus & lead a flock. The Bible is clear about Archbishop Cordileone’s stance being correct about matters of morals. Apostate denominations are thinking through the lens of the world, and not Scripture truths. They ought not be given any invitations to an event such as this. If both bishops like football – then invite them to a football game. But not to an installation at the cathedral.

  • Gregory Coiro

    Bishop Andrus did arrive on time but, unfortunately, he went to the room on the lower level of St. Mary’s Cathedral reserved for the Orthodox instead of the room where the representatives of the Reformation Communities were assembling (there were rooms assigned for various groups to gather, vest, and join the procession at appointed times). By the time the Orthodox were to join the procession, it was too late for Bishop Andrus to process in. So, he was asked to wait on the lower level while archdiocesan staff sought an appropriate time and way to escort him to his seat in the front pews of the cathedral church in the least distracting manner. But by then, Bishop Andrus had jumped to an erroneous conclusion and had left the cathedral. It was an unfortunate incident.