• bdlaacmm

    I guess I’d better be counted as one of those “old school” Catholics. I much prefer Joe Biden’s very genuine emphasis on service, community, and concern for those less well off (or just plain suffering) among us, over Paul Ryan’s channeling of Ayn Rand’s atheistic doctrine of selfishness and “I got mine!”

    Both candidates might be Catholic, but you have to ask yourself where they get their inspiration from. Biden gets his from the Gospel of Matthew. Ryan prefers to channel “Atlas Shrugged”.

  • Mary Evans

    Social issues are great to relate, but if you’re never even allowed to be born of what value are they? We are to take care of the least among you, who is more “least” in size and ability to defend themselves than the unborn? Everyone should pray that Ryan has the courage to defend the unborn in the face of the liberal’s bad theology and cold hearted abandonment of the lives of the unborn!!!

  • Elaine

    Joe Biden is not a Catholic —- He does not uphold the teachings of the Church —- He is for abortion and gay marriage. He has committed grevious sins toward GOD.

  • disgusted

    As an ex-catholic, I am disgusted w/ the catholic clergy for many reasons, but especially
    with the likes of BDLAACM : And this is why I am an EX-CATHOLIC. If you were to ask a naive fool like BDLAACM above: ‘Why do you vote for liberals?’ They answer ” Because liberals are more compassionate” well, BDLAACM What is compassionate about yanking an unborn innocent out of the womb, crushing her skull with a hammer and sucking out her brains with a ShopVac? Can you explain that to me? Every catholic vote for a liberal condemns tens of thousand of Unborn Human Beings to a gruesome, heartless death at the hands OF FEMINAZI LESBIANS AND BLOODTHIRSTY ‘doctors’ who kill babies to collect MILLIONS of TAXPAYER DOLLARS: JUST ASK Kathleen Sebelius the ‘GOOD CATHOLIC’ and to whom some idiotic pathetic liberal priest serves communion to every sunday. To all the pathetically naive, mentally challenged liberal catholics , like BDLAACM, out there, I say
    ‘GO F*** YOURSELVES!!!!!

  • Laurie

    To commenter calling yourself “disgusted”..
    Thank you for not remaining Catholic. You have a very big problem with malice, hatred, anger and contempt. This does not come from the spirit of God. You must recognize that.

    Also, I again repeat to everyone that Biden uses the label of Catholic but is far from. I wish that he would have chosen to leave the Catholic Church instead of using the label and deforming the face of the Church.

  • John

    Schneck should be fired from Catholic university for defending a persecuter of the Catholic faith. Biden, Pelosi, Sebelius, Durbin, and all other Catholic politicians who openly support abortion and sodomite marriage should be publicly excommunicated. Ryan’s plan to cut back on some welfare benefits can be a just act when recipients are slackers and providers are unjustly taxed to obtain the money.

  • Bonnie

    I have to come out against the hatred in the previous comments as well. Hatred or fear alone is never a sufficient argument. However, it’s easy to get very emotional and upset about the issue of abortion, and rightly so: murdering innocent children as a matter of fact in our country is absolutely more a travesty than the financially unstable status of our Social Security and Medicare programs. In addition, the Church has explicitly come out against abortion and contraception, while the same cannot be said about SS and Medicare/Medicaid.
    It is essential in this debate to clarify that Ryan has never been found guilty of dissenting against Church teachings by the Church, in fact, quite the contrary. While politically-charged, liberal Catholics have attacked Ryan for daring to disagree with their political beliefs, his diocesan bishop and many other Church leaders have defended his record and reputation.
    He firmly believes (and I agree with him) in the power of individuals, families and communities to responsibly take care of those who are unable to take care of themselves. However, this is only possible when they themselves are able to work and earn enough to support themselves, and then do what they want with their own time and money-the foundation of a free and stable society.
    Ryan understand the big picture, and uses the free market in its rightful place, as a philosophy that fits with the beliefs of the Catholic faith-not the other way around, (as is the case with many liberal Catholics who take more offense when their liberal beliefs are challenged, than when core tenets of the Catholic faith are blatantly disregarded).
    Ryan also makes the point that charity is a virtue that belongs fundamentally to the people, and not the government. What virtue is there in having your money forcibly taken from you and redistributed to others? It must be your choice and your responsibility.
    In addition, Ryan sees the whole picture, as demonstrated by his budget. He wants to protect unborn human life and raise the standard of living for everyone (including unwed and single mothers considering abortion, the elderly and sick), a long-term solution that will prove a great and organic solution for those in society who see a “need” for abortion. If he was truly against the elderly and poor among us, why is he trying to save Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, a reasonable solution even some conservatives have criticized, when the Democrats cannot even pass a budget, much less balance one?
    Moreover, it has been clear that Ryan is respectful of the faith. Biden, on the other hand, along with Pelosi and other politicians, use their religion as a convenient weapon when it can win them votes, but otherwise feel free to disregard and even openly dissent against the Church’s clear teachings on gay marriage, contraception, divorce and abortion when it does not suit their purposes. Casting doubt on Ryan’s Catholicism to bring him to an equal plane with Biden & Co. is a groundless attack based on an incomplete, lay misinterpretation of Catholic social teachings.

  • felix

    Our Holy Father should excommunicate all the politicians — no matter how big they are — who support abortion, same-sex marriage, and euthanasia from the catholic church.

  • Mr. R. L. Hails Sr. P. E.

    This is one of those articles that obviously was written to meet a dead line. Catholicism will not be a significant issue in the debate unless the moderator brings it up. The debate issue is foreign affairs, upon which a reading of the article sheds no light. (Why VP candidates debate something in which no VP has much involvement is another mystery, sorta like guardian angels).

    Ryan’s background points to a much higher level of expertise than Biden. Biden comes from a blue collar mining community whereas Ryan comes from a family who runs an excavation company. First you dig it up, then you push it around. How our elite can find a political edge in this type of comparison, exhibits their gross stupidity, even if they have PhDs.

    And sadly, there is no Catholic vote, as a block. In recent elections, it is 50- 50, and is the reason politicians ignore the church. For this election, Catholics should ponder that each of them owes $45,000 to others due to decisions made in D. C. Since we can not pay it off, was it moral to dump this debt on our grand kids? And abortion, which Biden demands that Catholics pay for? I do not look to Catholic U professors for this discernment.

  • LarryFromMo

    ” Ryan over budget plans that critics say contravene Catholic social justice principles on the common good and caring for the poor”. It is a fallacy to say that opposition to government directed charity is against Catholic or Christian teaching in general. Why should people like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have the power to tell me who to give my charity to and how much? Americans are the most generous people in the world and are capable of making these decisions without government interference. Often goernment policies that are meant to help actually do more harm than good as they create a sense of entitlement to charity and foster a cycle of dependence on others.

  • TexasCurmudgeon

    “The problem is that while both men want to try to win over the critical Catholic vote, both candidates have also been at odds with the Catholic hierarchy on different issues – Biden over abortion rights and gay rights, Ryan over budget plans that critics say contravene Catholic social justice principles on the common good and caring for the poor.”

    There’s more to it than that. Ryan’s plans fall within the Catholic category of “policies over which there can be legitimate debate.” Biden’s support of abortion and homosexual “marriage,” however, means that he supports what the Church calls “irreducible evils,” which cannot ever be approved by faithful Catholics. This article fails to make the distinction.

  • Bill

    Jesus was very clear – we have an obligation to “love our neighbor”. But he preached to us as individuals, and the obligation is an individual one. Jesus never preached about government – he never spoke to Caesar or any of the Roman governors that they have an obligation, as the government, to take care of the poor, the hungry, the homeless. He spoke to us.

    The “socisl justice” side of the Church has lost its way; they now look to the government rather to the Church or to each one of us. Forcing others to contribute to the government in the guise of social justice, and to programs that do little for, and arguably hurt, the intended beneficiaries, is counter to Jesus’ teachings and our faith’s history.

    The government has become a false idol to many Catholics (and non-Catholics). We need to step back and focus on what Government is SUPPOSED to do, and what we are obligated to do.

  • Carl Diederichs

    Bill, please read what the church has said about the roll of government in caring for the poor and the powerless. The documents are many and powerful. Even conservative Pope Benedict has said some forceful things in this area. Google Catholic Social Teaching.

  • Carl Diederichs

    Bill, please read what the church has said about the role of government in caring for the poor and the powerless. The documents are many and powerful. Even conservative Pope Benedict has said some forceful things in this area. Google Catholic Social Teaching.

  • amathonn

    I’m in agreement with others here. How can anyone call him/herself Catholic but then support a political party whose most popular plank is the killing of unborn children? You don’t have to be a Republican, but for crying out loud use a little common sense.

  • jkk1943

    I have been a Catholic all my life and I have never seen our clergy so angry at a political party in my life. The Contraception mandate and the Democratic Conventions removal of the name of god from their platform and the widespread booing of the delegates when it was put back in the platform has energized our clergy like to other issue in my long lifetime. Don’t be suprised to see Obama’s share of the Catholic vote drop from the 54% he received in 2008 to the mid 30% range in this years election. He will also see a small shift in the Jewish vote away from him. I think the polls with their +8-9 pt. Democratic sample are camoflaging a Romney landslide that will assume 2010 proportions.

  • larry h

    When Biden talks you can almost hear that old Catholic way of thinking when he speaks words like duty and service, and when he talks about what we owe one another as Americans.”

    Interesting that the author feels that way. Biden has done no volunteer activities to help others in his community during his entire career. Where was his KofC involvement? His charitable stinginess with his own money is legendary. I guess the author feels that being a Senator/VP and spending the taxpayers money on government programs is the “Old Catholic way” I do not agree.

  • Jpalm

    It started with the church supporting Ted Kennedy! When the catholic polititions sawe no repucussions from the they went even further.
    Irish priest support the democrats before the church.
    Hispanic priest loyalty is with the liberal party.
    The church has lost, they were too silent for too long.
    Palosi comes right out and say the church is wrong and ……. silence

  • BIll

    The article says tha Ryan has violated Cathoilc hierarchy over budget plans that critics say contravene Catholic social justice principles on the common good and caring for the poor.

    Ryan’s positions do no such thing. Jesus’ admonition to care for the poor, the sick, and the downtrodden was a PERSONAL admonition to Christians..Christ did not advocate the taking of one man’s earnings, via government force, and redistributing it to others regardless of those others willingness to assist themselves.

    If Catholicism supports the forced redistribution of wealth by government then it is NOT the Church I grew up in…

  • Larry H.

    In 1982, then-Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., voted for the Human Life Federalism Amendment, which contradicted Roe v Wade by declaring that “the right to an abortion is not secured by this Constitution.”

  • what1ever

    Liberals: people who care about real people that actually exist. Conservatives: people that care about hypothetical people that theoretically COULD exist.

  • Rand

    Characterizing Paul Ryan’s budget as contrary to Catholic social teaching is nonsense. I hope it comes up in tonight’s debate. To be sure, Catholics are required to care for the poor and the weakest among us. But in matters of distributive justice, the question of the scope and cost of social programs requires the exercise of the virtue of prudence. There is no rule of decision about what constitutes the best policy or program. Such matters need to be discussed, agreed upon and enacted taking into account the principle of susidiarity, the common good and what is finacially reasonable under all circumstances. In contrast, policies and laws that invove inalienable natural rights and instrinsic goods and intrinsic evils—e.g. abortion, euthanasia, treatment of embryos, freedom of conscience, religious liberty, marriage between a man and a woman— these issues are non-negotiable for faithful Catholics. Paul Ryan understands the distinction and is faithful to Catholic moral teaching on such matters. Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Kathleen Sebelius have sold their souls for political power. That Faustian deal with the devil is about to come to an end when they loose power and office in November. Tonight I expect Paul Ryan will close the deal for authentic Catholics who love God first and their neighbor as themselves. Obama and Biden’s position on abortion and gay marriage and their administration’s gross fiscal mismanagement since 2008 makes their ticket intelligible for the Catholic vote.

  • what1ever

    paul ryans talking points in this debate: “abortion is wrong, people that don’t exist should be entitled to all the rights that you and I take for granted. I introduced legislation that would allow sperm samples to testify in court cases. My opponent opposed it. I introduced legislation that would make kicking someone in the nuts an act of homicide against thousands of generations of future people. Again, my opponent refused to stand up for the rights of the unborn. I introduced legislation that would make masterbation punishable by the UN war crimes tribunal, and can you guess what my opponent did? Is this man completely heartless? I say his record speaks for its self”

  • what1ever

    In wisconsin I introduced legisalation that would make discouraging people from from having intercourse an act of futurecide. Joe biden called the legislation “ludicrous.” Now who is being ludicrous? Joe biden, in league with in Satan? I am Paul Ryan and I approve this message.

  • John boy

    I needed a laugh.thank you.
    Ever hear of righteous anger?
    Was the Lord sinful when he drove out the money changers?
    When I first saw the comment of “Old School” I was remembering my childhood in the 1950’s.
    The world has always been volatile and sinful, but we could walk the streets somewhat safely in an urban area back then and people were somehow “different”. They were “Old School” . No one in my world had money-lower class- but we didn’t trash society and had a respect for society. Maybe we didn’t take ourselves so seriously?

  • what1ever

    Joe Biden SAYS he supports human life, if that is so, why does he oppose Paul Ryans plan to reanimate the dead? What is Joe Biden hiding? Joe Biden, wrong for America and wrong for the undead. The committee for the support of potential people is responsible for the content of this advertising.