GUEST COMMENTARY: Skeptics are the new religious

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(RNS) Many young people are no longer members of traditional churches, but they are seeking. And they are finding others like themselves and, together, they are beginning to change the face of American religion. In fact, I would go so far as to say that skeptics are the new religious. By Philip Clayton.

  • Noah

    I see a lot of people, when faced with someone turning away from a belief system, decide to re-define the term religious. Words have meaning. Non-belief, and questioning of belief is not religion. It can’t be, or else there would be no word, no term or even no practice that could be described as “not religion”.

    Because religion and not religion are answers to the same question, does mean that they are the same answer. They are conclusions which have distinct meanings. This article is making a pretty basic logical error, it would be like saying “Timmy had a sandwich for lunch, and Jane had a whole chocolate cake. Because they both had lunch, then they had the same thing for lunch.”

    Or worse yet, “Timmy had a sandwich and Jane decided not to eat lunch, because they both considered what they were doing for lunch, they did the same thing.”