Billy Graham offers to ‘help’ Romney during meeting at N.C. home

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RNS photo courtesy the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

RNS photo courtesy the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

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(RNS) Billy Graham offered to "do all I can to help” GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney in a Thursday (Oct. 11) meeting at the evangelist's North Carolina home. By Adelle M. Banks.

  • nattyis

    First and foremost I WROTE TO MITTS WEBSITE and suggested he go see Billy like “all” potential presidents and elected presidents have (he is now blessed). SO BLAME ME. I live in a small town of Pennsylvania and could care less of your ignorant comments or ignorant opinions. I am not a Reverend Wright fan or follower as Obama is nor find the logic why anyone would put Rev. Wright as their religious mentor; UNLESS YOU “GOD DAMN AMERICA AND AMERICANS as he does. Prayer is a strong form of “meditation”, it relaxes a person, so people can think and see clearly what must be fixed in their lives when nothing else works. The average human only uses about 5% of their brains, leaving about 95% as wasted mass. Another 4 years of Obama and no prayer in the world will fix what is YET to come. Those of you who use less than the average 5 % of your brains, I can only feel sorry for you because YOU do not know what you are saying and pretend what you know by being foolish.