Nuns on the Bus meet Tea Party protests in Ohio

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(RNS) The "Nuns on the Bus" have been a consistently popular and effective faith-based tool for religious progressives this campaign season. But on Monday a group of demonstrators apparently organized by a local Tea Party affiliate met the nuns at a stop in Marietta, Ohio, and provided a far different welcome than the sisters usually receive.


  • Judy Maiga Izzo

    This just goes to show you what an ignorant bunch of lunatics the Tea Party members are. These nuns have done more good in a week than I would guess these morons have done in their lifetime. Have they nothing better to do with their time than to harass this group of women who have devoted their entire LIVES to serving the poor? Are they so stupid as to not see that what they are doing in this protest is EXACTLY what Christ asked us NOT to do? The nuns are 100 percent pro-life. What would make these idiot Tea Partiers happy – 110 percent? Sorry, that doesn’t exist. Their support of Ryan and his horrendous, unjust and frankly criminal budget will bring judgment for them all right – but not the kind they are thinking.

  • Patricia

    The Tea Party lunatics value life before it’s born and not so much afterwards. It’s a screwed up, one-sided perspective that espouses meanspiritedness towards the poor, the sick and the elderly, while venerating fetuses. Even if they actually did something constructive to help society, they still wouldn’t have the right to cast the first stone, which they do over and over again. I thought I’d heard disgraceful comments in my life but “Bums on the Bus” is especially shameful when used to disparage women whose lives are given in service to others out of love of God and neighbor. Disgusting.

  • Wow

    I you tubed this event. Majority of the protestors attend the catholic church here in town…daily! I really can’t believe they would be so disrespectful… And make assumptions that the nuns are not pro-life. Priest on Sunday even called them fake nuns and that the church in no way supported these nuns. Why would the priest call them fake? Please help me understand….

  • J

    @Wow… The catholic church has no unity.

  • Interested Bystander

    @ Judy Maiga Izzo and Patricia –

    ignorant bunch of lunatics?
    idiot Tea Partiers?
    unjust and frankly criminal?
    Tea Party lunatics?
    screwed up?
    venerating fetuses?

    Is this the best your vocabulary and intellect supply you? Is this your professional christian witness? Do you treat all who disagree with you in this manner?

    You provide a very great service to those who protest you on the curb, you redound to their position. Thank you and Deo Gratias!

  • Angel

    Nuns on the bus are heretics. They speak against Congressman Ryan’s budget proposals but they won’t support the protection of the child in the womb. They are twisted little sisters from the 60’s generation. They are small parasites that USED the Catholic Church for their own gains. Imagine, these old women teaching RCIA classes, they would probably bring in Newage Gurus to corrupt the kids (oh wait a minute did this actually happened at the LCWR conference recently, LOL)! They don’t believe in Catholic Theology or Moral teachings, so why don’t they have the integrity to leave the Church? They need to leave the Church and find jobs in the secular world.

  • magpie

    ….Sister Simone Campbell, who leads the Washington-based NETWORK, a left-leaning Catholic social justice group, has spearheaded the Nuns on the Bus tours……….The Nuns on the Bus have stressed social justice causes……..these “nuns” are the product of the failed Vatican II “reforms”.

    Catholics need to think twice about the “social justice” aspect of the faith……….it has been hijacked by the likes of these so called “nuns”…………The Roman Catholic Faith and anything “left leaning” i.e. communist, do not mix………….see Archbishop Fulton Sheen’s teachings on communism…………And, who is funding this circus? Why aren’t these consecrated women praying rather than bringing scandal and confusion?


    2 Timothy 3:1-5 But understand this that in the last days there will come times of difficulty. For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not loving good, treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power. Avoid such people.

  • Tom Allio

    The nuns on the bus represent the very best the Catholic Church has to offer. The sisters are pro life, pro family, pro poor, pro human rights, pro care for God’s creation, and pro peace making. They embrace the totality of Catholic Social Teaching, not some narrow agenda. In addition, they have been on the front lines of serving the poorest and most vulneable among us. This protest by alleged tea party members is scandalous and shows how desperate they are. Where is the civility and sense of compassion in their misguided strategy. The sisters have been faithful to the Gospel. These folks are faithful to a radical, partisan agenda. And, they will know we are Christians by our love. read

  • Alice

    The women on the bus are not nuns. Nuns are women who vow to live a cloistered life of prayer and service. Sisters do no vow to that. These “sisters” might embrace “Catholic Social Teaching”, but they don’t embrace much else that is Catholic. They are from my generation (I am ashamed to say) and have set themselves above the teachings of the Church. these are not the women we knew as children who taught and cared for the sick, poor and needy. They are a disgrace to the women who actually are faithful sisters and nuns. These women have picked only the things they want to profess and ignore all else…that makes them no longer Catholic. No one can be Catholic and vote for a man who supports the murder of babies up to the day of delivery and wants Catholics to pay for it. He has no respect for our beliefs or our freedoms. He is the one imposing his lack of religion on us! God help them when they have to face the Lord and explain this one…pray for them; they are very lost. They are not the best we have to offer. We have sisters and nuns among us today who do better everyday.

  • Alice

    For those who might not understand: the Holy Father has grave concerns regarding the viewpoints and activities of “sisters” who set themselves apart from the teaching of the Church. Many are practicing homosexual lifestyles, advocating abortion, same-sex marriage, and other things that are not part of the Catholic faith. The good news, is as I pointed out, that these “sisters” are aging and they have no new members seeking to join their orders. They are not respected by the younger more orthodox women that are becoming sisters or nuns. The young women who are joining orders that are faithful to the Holy Father are doing so in greater numbers than in past years. They want nothing to do with these women on the bus. We thank heavens that the future is looking so much better as a new generation of young women fully embrace their vocations to the religious life in accordance with our Faith.

  • Patricia

    @Interested Bystander Thank you for compiling a list of my adjectives, and for passing judgment on my christian witness without even knowing if I am a christian. And thank you, a perfect stranger, for lecturing another stranger. Is that the witness you are called to: ‘correcting’ strangers, chiding people whose opinions differ from yours?

    The sisters on that bus have devoted their lives to God and to service of their brothers and sisters. There was a time when the Catholic Church stood proudly for social justice, when it walked with Cesar Chavez and the dignity of migrant workers, or marched in the south for civil rights, or in the case of the great Dorothy Day, took up the cause of the worker. Today, the church is focused on sex, sexuality and reproduction, while there is injustice all around that cries out. Nuns are the ones who are on the front lines with the poor, the prisoners, the people on death row, the people that our society has marginalized. Nuns are the ones who go to foreign countries to the poorest of the poor, and are sometimes slaughtered for their work. They are the conscience of our church, the living witnesses to faith in action. I am deeply ashamed, reading the comments in this thread which display a level of viciousness and disrespect to religious women and witnesses to their faith. And, I don’t regret one single adjective I used. They all fit when people call these extraordinary women ‘bums’. Yes, ‘bums’. That’s shameful and disgraceful.

  • Carol

    Can you tell me what are the Congregations/Orders of the nuns and who pays for the bus and their living expenses?

  • Tancred

    Maybe someone forgot to tell the “nuns” that Socialism and Catholicism is incompatible.

  • Michele

    Here’s a link to the board. Sisters are listed with their orders. You can make a donation on the right side of the page. That’ll help pay for the bus and living expenses.

  • Michele
  • illuminated

    Here is a Question. Why does the catholic church stick is foul and evil nose into the social affairs of the rest of the non catholic/ secular community? forcing others to abide by pro life dogma is Nazi-istic at dont want an abortion don’t go. but leave others to their own decisions. Pro lifers who push this philosophy want to go back to a time of social horror.Poor jesus with followers like these.

  • BruceB

    Yeh, imagine the audicity of there tea-partiers to think that 50,000,000 slaves, I mean abortions, is just too many sacrifices to economic prosperity. Surely, real Catholics know that a living wage is more important than living; that it’s Quality of Life, not Life, natural or supernatural, that’s important.

  • Angel

    illuminated in darkness,

    You said, “Why does the catholic church stick [is or its] foul and evil nose into the social affairs of the rest of the non catholic/secular community?”
    Illuminated, the Church is concern about the MURDERING OF THE DEFENSELESS. MURDER IS MURDER and it does not matter whether you are a Catholic or not. THIS IS NATURAL LAW! Clown, the Nazi are into killing people, so are the pro-abortion people. You are one mixed up cookie. Why don’t you grab a history book and move out of your mommy basement! Jesus is the Author of Life, thus, He is pro-life!
    56,000,000 people died since Roe v. Wade and you have the nerve the compare the Nazi Party with the Pro-life people. Woe to you who calls “evil” good and “good” evil.

  • Angel


    You said, “Today, the church is focused on sex, sexuality and reproduction, while there is injustice all around that cries out.”
    The Church is focus on the MURDERING OF THE DEFENSELESS. It is the immorality and misuse of sexuality that cause the decay of society. Why don’t you connect the dot?
    Adultery (sex is involve), Fornication (again sex is involve), Prostitution (sex is involve), and Pornography (sex is involve), Abortion (sex is involve). These things ruin people, destroy lives, and destroy families. WOW, you are one dense woman. These things break down the family – divorce happens- children suffer – people live in poverty (spiritually and financially). Patricia, you are out of touch with reality.
    AND as a stranger, I can lecture because: “He who persists in sin, REBUKE him in the presence of all!” – 1Timothy 5:20

  • Patricia

    I am one dense woman? How very Christian of you, Angel. But then that’s the kind of nasty response I’ve come to expect from fanatics who spend their time wrapped up in the self-delusion that they are spokesman for God.

    You, a so-called Christian, have attacked me personally twice, and have attacked also personally, nuns whom you don’t know. I have a few bible verses to throw back at you including the one about the mite in the neighbor’s eye, and the plank in your own. Or perhaps the one where the man prays, loudly, his gratitude that he’s not a sinner like the guy next to him.When I read the bible, the ones whom Jesus attacks are hypocrites and judgmental people like these. People who are very quick to condemn. The woman caught in adultery, the Samaritan who was an outcast in her town, these are the people Jesus welcomed with opened arms. He says a lot about loving kindness, nothing about sex or sexuality.

    You, Angel, have no business whatsoever rebuking me or anyone else. You are not God, nor are you Jesus, nor are you in the position of judging anyone. You are someone who’s taken on the persona of angel which speaks volumes, but your words, anger and arrogance do not fit that persona.

  • Fra Chris

    These “Pant’s Suit Nuns on the Bus to Hell” are outright heretics and do not represent the Roman Catholic Church. They are protesting the Pope, the Magisterium and the Bishops of the Church. At the moment they became nuns they went upon the Altar of Almighty God and made three Vows to Him; Poverty, Chastity, and Obedience. If this is how they practice their vows of Obedience I don’t even want to think how they must be practicing their Vows of Chastity !!! Excommunicate them all !!!

  • Angel

    You are an immoral WITCH! Again, study the FULL BIBLE and not take things OUT OF CONTEXT. Regarding, the woman caught in adultery, Jesus said: GO and SIN NO MORE! “He who persists in sins, REBUKE him in the presence of all.” – 1Timothy 5:20
    Patricia, the LIAR, this is exactly what you are doing!
    YOU ARE A LIAR! There are many verses in the Bible condemning sexual sins. LIAR!

  • Angel

    Patricia, I can judge you for you are promoting EVIL with your mouth!
    You are a liar and dense, here is the Bible verse condemning sexual sins:

    “Know you not that the unjust shall not possess the kingdom of God? Do not err: Neither fornicators nor idolaters nor adulterers: Nor the effeminate nor liers with mankind nor thieves nor covetous nor drunkards nor railers nor extortioners shall possess the kingdom of God.”- 1 Corinthians 6:9-11

  • Angel

    Your name means noble. But there is nothing “noble” about you. You are hostile to the teachings of the Bible regarding sexual sins, which makes me think that you are living in sexual sins. You are the hypocrite, for you only talk about love, love, love, but your “love” is devoid of any substance. Your “love” is a fake love. You don’t care if people misuse sex and abuse each other. Now that’s the ultimate betrayal of LOVE. You are the devil’s helper, for you pretend to understand the bible (thus misrepresenting the bible, and MISREPRESENTING JESUS), but you never actually read the bible!!!

    You are a hypocrite. Hypocrite: a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue.

  • Lori

    I am not sure I would confront these sisters in such a way, however, one needs to get priorities straight. What is worse? Theft or murder? In my book it is murder. Abortion is murder. Some forms of contraception are also abortifacients, that is to say that they are also forms of murder. Unjust wars and the death penalty may also be forms of murder, although the victims may not be as innocent as the unborn children. The nuns priority must be to stop abortion and abortifacient birth control first. Second priority needs to be prevention of unjust wars and the death penalty, etc.. After that one can address things which lessen the quality of life, like the rich not paying their fair share and how to teach the poor to be better able to take care of themselves. And never forget that the soul is most important of all and where one will spend eternityi s of utmost importance. I may have to suffer because I did not get enough to eat but it is detrimental to my soul if I may not learn about God, worship him, or if I kill my child in the womb, or put to death an innocent man. And yes, if I have an unGodly relationship with someone of my own sex. One must stand with the poor, yes, but one can never condone the murder of the innocent child in the womb and this must be the sisters first message and it must absolutely influence their choice of candidates and parties. I think it is a general consensus that the sisters have sometimes had their priorities in the wrong order and many have wondered why they are not more vocal about the worst offenses. Also, some wonder how they can often support the most pro abortion president of all time. A president who could not even bring himself to vote in favor of treatment for victims of abortion who are born alive. Clearly an unspeakable evil.

  • Patricia

    Nothing further to see here. You, Angel, have told me everything I need to know about the state of modern Christianity and it’s alleged practitioners. I can see why churches are empty, when all that welcomes those with different opinions is personal attacks, name calling and hatred. I’ll pray for you to the God who loves us all, and who gave us reason to think for ourselves.

  • kev

    i hope the Koch brothers are proud of themselves and what they’ve done to our country. Treason.

  • Alice

    Re: Patricia. It is clear that you have only observed one segment of the issues that involve these “sisters”. They are not the sisters of days gone by who followed their vows to serve the Vicar of Christ by serving as Christ would have us all serve. They have long ago left behind the Doctrines of the Catholic Faith, which include more areas of the human condition than can be listed here. Social justice? Of course Catholics are called to care for their brothers and sisters. But what you have described as sisters who care for the sick, the dying, the needy, and have given their lives in defense of the Faith really does not describe this group on the bus. Sr. Campbell is an attorney and a dissident; one who rejects much of the Doctrines of the Catholic Church. She has set herself up to be the voice for the Catholic Church, yet her voice is far from Catholic. While she supports a huge array of social justice issues, she fails to recognize that Catholics are given prudential judgment in the approach taken to arrive at the same goals. In doing so, she completely rejects protection for the innocent unborn, protection of marriage between one man and one woman and the she seeks to have the government interfere in matters of faith. These are not Catholic values. One cannot be for abortion and same-sex marriage, gay lifestyle and be a Catholic. It is that simple…those are the rules of belonging to this faith. She has every right to believe as she does, but has no right to call herself a Roman Catholic in the same breath as she espouses the government support for abortion. Personally, while I pray for her conversion, I don’t spend much time worrying about the position in which she finds herself. She seems to revel in it; the limelight, the press, the adulation, the rejection of orthodox Catholic thought. Sadly the spotlight will dim and those who follow her will hopefully see through her prideful demonstrations. She will then be left to ponder what damage she has done to those souls; for that is really the only thing that matters, what happens to one’s soul.
    Thank the Good Lord that there are truly wonderful sisters and nuns out there who actually do the things that folks generally attribute to the life of a sister; care for the sick, the dying, the poor and the lonely. Many of them are close friends of mine and I couldn’t be more proud of them and less proud of this national spectacle who calls herself Catholic. Most know better. Pray for Simone Campbell and company.

  • Cathy Swisher

    After reading all the hateful comments above, I don’t read any comments concerning “love your neighbors as yourself”. It is very sad!

  • Joseph Gainza

    See how they love one another. They must be Christians. So it has come to this, that our politics trumps our faith. We are supposed to be followers of the One who came, who even as He was tourtured to death spoke of love and forgiveness. We certainly are in a post-Christian age.

  • Father Luke

    As Jesus said, “LOVE one another” I believe the Holy Bible is filled with the words and teachings of Jesus where he fought against those who were doing wrong with kindness rather than taunting.

    Let us love one another…and discuss our differences from a point of sameness…and that would be our faith.

  • Chuck

    Kudos to the nuns for not backing down, despite the Romney-Ryan sheep who disagree, much like the comments from so-called “Christians” who have shown their true colors here (so much for that Commandment about not bearing false witness, eh?)…I guess GOP icon Barry Goldwater was right when he warned about certain religious conservatives being unwilling to compromise on major issues. Oh, and supporting reproductive rights doesn’t make you “pro-abortion” (as Goldwater would have told you)…that would be like calling me “pro-alcohol” b/c even though I don’t drink, nor do I support the temperance movement or the return of Prohibition.

    Imagine, if these protesters had been this fired up when the priest sex abuse scandals broke out a decade ago, maybe justice would have been more swift in coming for the victims…and Angel, if you really want to see a hypocrite, maybe you should look in the mirror, judging by your hate-filled comments towards those whose views differ from your own. I believe in Christ’s time, people like you would have been called Pharisees.

  • Mystic

    Someone commented that Catholicism and socialism are incompatible. Really? Catholicism is supposed to be based on the Bible and the Bible says that the first Christians WERE socialists. Go back and read the Acts of the Apostles 4:32-35 for yourself.

  • Eleanor J. Peck

    WOW! “A man (or woman) convinced against his (her) will is of the same opinion still”
    vitriol seems to satisify many who are frustrated about not being able to bring about a “perfect” solution to many serious problems that are intrinsic to the human condition. I propose that prayer and fasting are necessary to drive out our current ( and throughout all of history- everywhere) batch of “devils” and that “RADICAL” is the way to peace and understanding. Christ is the Lord of all and His message is understanding, followed by reconciliation. From this “nun” ,I grant forgiveness to all who seek it -or will be encouraged to seek it by the offering – who have had the misfortune to have had abortion(s), to all who “sin” in any way against their own person & the community. God will forgive us for not being God. Forgive yourself for the same. Peace (which the world cannot give)! KTP

  • Mary E. Appel

    Oh My! Are we not a lovely bunch of coconuts? We must give our God a great laugh (or a headache).
    But I must say that I do admire the Nuns on the Bus.

  • KP

    It should be noted that these protestors were NOT the local Tea Party… they were the local mainstream Republicans. The protest was led by local Republican officials and sponsored by the US Representative Bill Johnson. As a Catholic who lives in Marietta, where this took place, I am appalled that many of the people I see every week were here protesting the nuns. A large percentage of this protest group were members of the local Catholic churches.