Hawaii Democrat poised to be first Hindu in Congress

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RNS photo courtesy Tulsi Gabbard's campaign

RNS photo courtesy Tulsi Gabbard's campaign

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(RNS) Hindu Americans have succeeded as engineers, doctors and lawyers in America, but one profession has been out of reach: Congress. That could change next week as Democrat Tulsi Gabbard looks poised to win a seat in Hawaii. By Omar Sacirbey.

  • Lalita Gupta

    This is wonderful news for Hindus! We need a voice in Congress and much more attention should be given to America-India relations.

  • Sucheta Maheshwari

    ‘Former presidential candidate Rick Santorum told supporters this summer that equality was a uniquely Judeo-Christian concept that “doesn’t come from the East and Eastern religions.” ‘

    In the oldest democracy USA still not even one representative from a religion culture tradition thousands of years old … well so much for the Judeo-Christian concept of equality Rick Santorum! What is the equal Judeo-Christian tradition afraid of ?

    Jai ho .. Tulsi Gabbard ki !

  • Abraham Yeshuratnam

    Tolerant and broadminded Americans elected Tulsi Gabbard without showing racial or religious animosity. Had they known that Gabbard would show her religious fanaticism after election, they would not voted for her. That Bhagavad Gits is a war literature. But Mihir Meghani, a co-founder of the Hindu American Foundation., has said “The Bhagavad Gita is often considered a guide as to how to make decisions in difficult situations, when the decision is often not clear cut,” If we follow that guide we will end in total destruction. Krishna, the prime hero in the Bhagavad Gita, cajoles Arjun to kill his own revered teachers (gurus) and relatives in the Kurukshetra War, as opposed to Jesus’ advice to love enemies and to show the other chin to receive a slap. And again, Krishna is the cause for caste oppression in India where millions belonging to Dalit community are treated worse than beasts. Krishna said in the Bhagavad Gita that he created four fold division of caste (Chaturvarnayam maya srstam). How can he become a role model?
    The souls referred to by Tulsi was actually taken from Christian scriptures. The Mahabharata remained mnemonic, for it was considered sacrilegious to produce a manuscript or print it. But British scholars of Asiatic Society, in collaboration with some Brahmin priests of their choice, produced manuscripts and printed texts by including many new ideas to modernize the Bhagavad Gita. There have been several interpolations in the Maha Bharata.