Friday’s Religion News Roundup: RIP Twinkies, Jesus is a bad password, new twist on college hookups

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Twinkies were supposed to outlast us all, but with Hostess in code blue, does that mean the end is nigh? Find out why "Jesus" can't save you from hackers, and how some Jews are taking an unorthodox approach to the college hook-up culture.

  • Charles Randall Paul, Ph.D.

    I read you every day and am grateful for your coverage. You will enjoy a new documentary released today called Unresolvable? The Kingdom of God on Earth. It faces the conflicts between religious rivals in America and how we can address differences without losing our integrity or our temper. It is a story of a Mormon guy who hates Evangelicals and goes after them only to find he has some things to learn himself. It is a gripping narrative with an upbeat ending. Check out website: Thanks.

  • allapologies

    Are we sure that the priest denied the kid confirmation because of his gay marriage views? Maybe the priest denied it because he appears to have stolen a campaign sign from somebody else’s yard, then defaced it. Kind of a Ten Commandments problem for him.