Monday’s Religion News Roundup: POTUS’ prayers, Shmuley’s loss, prayer in 3 words

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You know all that talk about red states wanting to secede after Obama's win? Well, South Carolina Episcopalians went ahead with it. Rabbi Shmuley explains why he lost, Anne Lamott breaks prayer down into three words and Franklin Graham is upset.

  • DangerousTalk

    I wouldn’t say that Leah Libresco got “push back” from the atheist community; more like bewilderment. Her reasons were pretty weak and she should know better. It is so rare when an atheist who is familiar with the standard arguments converts to religion that we get intrigued. Usually, religious believers de-convert. This is an oddity and we expected better reasons for her conversion. It is odd however that the media never seems to highlight any of the former religious believers who have de-converted to atheism. It seems like you guys are just pushing an agenda rather than reporting in a non-biased manner. I think you owe it to your readers to mention that Libresco conversion is rare and that much more often the it is the religious believers who de-convert rather than the atheist blogger who converts.