Judge blocks holiday displays in Santa Monica after atheist-Christian spat

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(RNS) A federal judge on Monday (Nov. 19) denied a bid by churches to force city officials in Santa Monica, Calif., to reopen spaces in a city park to private displays, including life-sized Christmas Nativity scenes. By Doug Stanglin.

  • jwt90068

    This comment is not a solicitation for business. Regarding the above story, “There will be a generation who never knew Me”. I am so glad I am the age I am…

  • kayester

    Since when is there a right to use public property to impose one’s religious views on others? Are these people so insecure in their beliefs that they need to visually assault people who do not share those beliefs?

  • Madison

    Christians have the right to spread nativity scenes around Christmas, and Jew have the right to share their display in public about Hanukkah. This is a free Country and they have the freedom of speech to do it. They are only putting up Christmas trees and Menorahs around their holidays. Atheists should have no say or input in the matter. Not their belief, not their holiday. If the city sides against a religion, they are siding with Atheism, which in term is against the constitution. Thank you very much. God bless you all and have a very merry Christmas!!
    Jesus loves you all

  • CMR

    If churches want to display nativity scenes, let them do it on their own church grounds! They shouldn’t be allowed to erect them on public property paid for by tax dollars. Not all taxpayers are Christian or even religious for that matter… If we truly have rule “by the people” and the “people” have supported separation of church and state then what’s the fuss about? You can’t have your cake and eat it too!!!