Maryknoll priest Roy Bourgeois expelled over support for womenâÂ?Â?s ordination

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(RNS) A long-running struggle between church authorities and the Rev. Roy Bourgeois over the Catholic priest’s support for ordaining women has ended with Bourgeois’ dismissal from the priesthood and his religious order, the Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers. By David Gibson.

  • Sister Fran Ferder, Ph.D.

    Both this action and its unilateral nature, so typical of Rome, will cause more scandal to the faithful than anything Fr. Bourgeois has done or said, especially in a Church where the majority of Catholics support the ordination of women. Sadly, Vatican officials just keep losing more credibility with these punitive ways. Perhaps church authorities can “dismiss” and “excommunicate” folks who speak in behalf of justice, but God will not.

  • jwt90068


  • National Christian Association

    The Church has rules, like the Ten Commandments and many others, including obeying Church teachings and tradition. There is a vast difference in discussion and out right heresy. – National Christian Association

  • Katie Dailey

    Sr. Fran is so right! Many more ‘home-churches’ will come about, more will leave the church of their Baptism and up-bringing because of this kind of happening, many will find their way to a UCC church that has some ritual, responses that the Roman Catholic Church used to have, and a real welcome to ALL. Other’s will blend and do church in more than one setting finding what inspires and moves them into a real Christian response to all of God’s people. Adult believers won’t stay where they can’t grow, aren’t challenged, and/or where they are just plain board to tears. KatieD

  • Michael Snow

    It is always encouraging to see the oldest branches of the Church, the Orthodox and Roman Catholics, upholding the teaching of Scripture. And it’s a ray of light when half the women in the Church of England stand against the move to women bishops