Commission suggests ways to keep closer eye on lavish ministries

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(RNS) A special commission created by the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability has called for clearer IRS guidance and greater involvement among donors to address “outliers” among congregations and other nonprofits that are not being financially accountable. By Adelle M. Banks.

  • ed sweetland

    the whole issue of clergy compensation, what is taxable and what is not needs to be addressed. A new pastor is coming to my church in jan., his salary will be $20,000.00, he will not pay any U.S. income tax on that part of income only his portion of SS. He will be
    be receiving approx. $50,000.00 in none taxable benefits, i.e. housing,utilities, travel
    expenses, medical insurance with a deductible paid by the congregation, retirement
    program and maybe more.
    As the country is hurting clergy needs to feel at least some of the pain that their
    congregation is facing, but they are not – IRS reform on the clergy needs to happen.
    Thank you

  • Deptford Dan

    Apart from the financial one, my other BIG problem with Benny Hinn are his failed prophecies and strange doctrines. Before you shout “Spam”, consider this: Benny claimed Holy Spirit anointing to prophesy that Fidel Castro would die “in the nineties”. At the same time, he prophesied, all the homosexuals in the USA would be executed “by the fire of God”. He publicly cursed his critics, and preached that Jesus was born again, and Adam could fly to the moon. Look it up on YouTube, and read Deuteronomy 18:20-22.