GUEST COMMENTARY: Why our church is taking heat for opening our doors to Muslims

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PASADENA, Calif. (RNS) This coming Saturday, everything I've ever believed and preached from the pulpit of All Saints Episcopal Church will be put to the test. Why? Because we're the first church to host a convention of Muslims, prompting screams that we're sympathizing with terrorists. By Ed Bacon.

  • Dennis Myhand

    I truly cannot believe that in the climate that reigns in this country right now you could not see this as doing anything but bringing out the vilest hatred that can be found. Did you think the people who wrote their e-mails to you would applaude you? Some probably did. But you had to know there would be reactions like you speak against. And I am not quite sure that there have been, “thousands of years of religious suspicion, intolerance and division.” Maybe a thousand, if you are liberal in your counting. So, do you really think this “love” thing you speak about is really going to work? It might. But if I were you, I think I would expect a few more of those e-mails you seem so disheartened about.

  • Leo

    Perhaps, when Islam adapts to the new world, things will be better. They are the ones who deny others freedom of worship. Christians and Jews cannot wear religious items in their countries. Churches are burned down. Hindus and Buddhists are discriminated against.

    This priest would do better to rally for the rights of religious minorities in Islamic countries.