Poll: More than one-third of Americans see signs of end times in extreme weather

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RNS photo by William Perlman/The Star-Ledger

RNS photo by William Perlman/The Star-Ledger

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(RNS) A new poll shows more than a third of Americans believe the severity of recent natural disasters is evidence that we are in the “end times” described in the Bible – a period of turmoil preceding the return of Christ and the end of the world. By Lauren Markoe.

  • Christina Mary

    See http://www.thewarningsecondcoming.com. The answers are there!

  • Steve Ames

    Get a life. The end times( biblical) was 2000 years ago


  • Obsydian

    @ Christina Mary …. well said & God Bless !

    @ Steve Ames…..

    We are getting a life ! – It’s called an Afterlife !

    Just Make sure your pride, arrogance & ignorance doesn’t preclude you from getting yours !!

    btw…. where’s your evidence that it was 2,000 yrs ago ???

  • Lonny Wry

    Looks like the polls were wrong. So far, those posting on this forum that feel the end times are nigh make up TWO THIRDS of the population!

  • sod

    There is no end of the world in our life time….for those that believe in jesus coming back…sorry he is not coming back because he never existed…there is not historical, archeological, scientific proof of the people int he bible actually existed. the end of the world is not coming in our life time or ever until the sun runs out of steam.

  • CMR

    I don’t get this… why can’t I believe that the “end times” are upon us and believe in global warming? The prophecies talk about the turmoil of the end times but it DOESN’T say that God is the one causing this… WE (mankind) are the cause of global warming for sure and we can try to do things to alleviate the effects. What we cannot do is STOP the end from coming… It WILL come and probably “in our lifetime”. Anyone who has a brain and will LOOK at the REAL EVIDENCE in the scriptures and from other sources will have to conclude that we are living in what the Bible calls “the time of the end”. EDUCATE YOURSELVES from many sources and you will then have more knowledge to make the right conclusion… Get right with God and you might make it through the tribulation to come. It will come in upon the entire inhabited earth…

  • Mikcan

    The bible doesn’t explain how these end time phenomenon will occur so if carbon-based energy sources are a major contributor, it doesn’t invalidate God’s control over it. I’m bothered by how many people bank on global warming being solely a human-controlled crisis so they can leave God out of the equation… But even this is consistent with the bible’s prediction that God will bring a strong delusion on unbelievers so they will deny his judgements until the return of Christ..

  • Sue

    A visionary in Europe has been given messages fromJesus about coming events in the near future. These messages seem to indicate this time is close. See “the warning second coming ‘ website. Pedro Regis in Brazil has similar messages.