Is ‘The Hobbit’ a ‘Christian’ film? Yes and no.

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RNS photo courtesy The Hobbit

RNS photo courtesy The Hobbit

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(RNS) Travel along, if you dare, with Bilbo Baggins in “The Hobbit,” which opens in theaters on Friday (Dec. 14). If you do, you will, essentially, be traveling in a world constructed on Christian principles. By Kay Campbell and Greg Garrison.

  • Ian

    I actually felt that it was more of a Jewish allegory. The idea of a people driven from their homeland with a longing to return. A people of strong devotion fighting against a physically stronger force. Even David and Goliath imagery. One might even call Gandalf an allegory of the Jewish God — a sometimes present, sometimes distant figure who saves his people in times of trouble and serves as an intellectual guiding light.

  • Sam

    I agree Ian, but from a slightly different perspective-if I might add. I think perhaps “Jewish allegory, might slightly be a little off from the true view that Jesus wants us to have. I had a religious experience, and found myself on a boat..Jesus then walked out on the water to me, softly and tenderly calling my name. He told me that the film in fact was not Christ-like, and that it was Satan’s influence to sneak into the lives of innocent children of God, and make them lose their faith. I have a friend who is of strong faith and hesitantly took her child to see the film. After it was finished her child wanted to stay after the credits to see some deleted scenes-and it is EXACTLY as Jesus described–there were several scenes that included extreme vulgarity, and even one where “Gandalf” was seen “molesting” the Hobbit”. Now after hearing this I immediately have begun telling other people in my ministry..this sick wretched behavior of the media MUST be put to an end for the sake of Lord Jesus Christ!