Fred Phelps’ son condemns Westboro’s plan to picket Newtown funerals

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Mourners embrace outside Green Funeral Home in Fairfield, CT during the funeral for Noah Pozner, a victim of the Newtown shootings.

Mourners embrace outside Green Funeral Home in Fairfield, CT during the funeral for Noah Pozner, a victim of the Newtown shootings. RNS photo by Robert Deutsch, USA TODAY

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(RNS) The estranged son of a pastor famous for protesting the funerals of soldiers and AIDS victims has condemned his family’s plans to picket funerals of shooting victims in Newtown, Conn., but says local leaders should "let them show up'' instead of trying to ban them. By Kimberly Winston.

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  • Charlie wyman


  • Charlie Wyman


  • Charlie Wyman


  • Kristin

    God gave us the choice of free will. If i wanted to go to a elementary school right now and shoot it up, I could. This does not mean God sent me there to kill them all and that these poor children deserved it. If God was to punish a nation i doubt it would be through a craized twenty year old. If i wanted to come to Topeka, Kansas and start shooting up the Westboro Baptist Church I very well could, but does that mean God sent me there to get rid of these horrible people? No! It just means I have the free will to murder and make decisions on my own. “For God so Loved the world” why would God send his son down to die on the cross for about only 40 members of a church who commit insest? God made this world so beautiful ! It is very upsetting that you will live your life only seeing the evil in this world than the beauty. Do you guys even give to charity? Do you guys even consider that God made this earth, his only earth, with mountians, beaches, green grass and a beautiful blue sky. Do you ever stop to look at the magnificent wonders of this earth. I thank my God everyday of my life for just life and being able to live it on this planet. I think what really messes up the WBBC is the hate they think is doing good. I would love for this
    church to show me where it states in the Bible that God absolutloey Hates homosexuals, and that God is causing all this pain and destruction on our planet. It is not just America, there are places worse off then here…. and if God were to punish these people for their actions…. why isn’t Vegas burned to the ground? Why isn’t SanFran under water? Why dose God still bless so many people even though he is causing all this pain? How come miricales still happen? Why do I fell the love, and joy, and peace of the Holy Spirit in my heart ? Why has God blessed me unimaginably through my life ? I know that when trying to explian these questions back to me it will be a whole lot of not well thought out mumbo jumbo… i know that the WBBC can not answer these questions because sadly they were born in to a cruel and unloving world. I feel more pain for the children that are being raised there learning that God killed 6 and 7 year olds… for pretty much no reason. There are bad people in this world, there are good people in this world, then there is faith. God did not kill 26 people on Friday. God saved about 400.

  • Judy Chartrand

    A funeral needs to be a time of piece for those who are grieving, A time to reach out and comfort the families. If it is not illegal to picket a funeral, it should be. Where is their love for those young children?

    I agree with the one option, that the media should not give them coverage. It only encourages them, and it fuels their agenda, whatever that is, because they do not represent God.
    Although we are not to condone what God says is wrong (supporting homosexual rights, such as same sex marriage, as our saying it is okay, will never make it right), however, we are to love everyone and encourage them in God’s love and mercy. God is not a God of hate, but a God of love.
    God is the only one who can judge, and this tragedy has nothing to do with the gay issue this group is picketing over. Again, this group is judging, and God says we are not to judge. We are to love everyone, and we are to represent God in love.

    Giving this group attention only evokes more hate of true Christians. The congregation of this, so called church, is so imprudent, and has no earthly idea who God really is, nor what Scripture says.

    This church is not the traditional church we think about, but a cult, a people who are filled with hate, and with the intention to hurt all others who are not filled with the same hatred, and bitterness. Sounds similar to Nazification, and perhaps that is what it truly is.
    We must pray for God to change the hearts of these people of hatred, and plan for Lamentation in the death of the innocent victims of the Connecticut shooting.

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  • This is one very sick person. He needs to leave these poeple to grive in peace. They have lost their family members and don’t need some sick person protesting

  • Where in Christianity is hate-mongering an involved practice? What are Fred Phelps and the WBC afraid of anyhow? Rainbows? Unicorns? A flaming pink queer apocalypse? I attempted to address this with a portrait of the good reverend on my artist’s blog at Drop in and let me know what you think!

  • Fred Phelps’ God is nothing more than a terrorist. He’s no better than Al Qaeda flying planes into buildings and killing thousands of innocent people to punish other people. A god that sends earthquakes to kill hundreds, tsunamis to wipe out thousands and volcanoes to wreck havoc on one group of people to punish another group is not a god anyone could worship. That god is a monster.

  • roy

    for the people replying to this ignorant person. please dont use a capital g for their god because its not the God of our nationit is the god of evil

  • Very well said…Thank you 🙂 and God bless you, Kristin.

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  • Anonomys

    By law Westboro has every right to protest at those funerals. They’re protected by Freedom of Speech just like The US Supreme Court said. As long as they’ve filled out the proper paper work and are 1,000 feet away from the funeral let them protest. They have a right to be there just like the mourners. I’m not on Westboro’s side, but I’m on the law’s side.

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  • this guy seems not to know what love thy enemy mean in any way, God is God of love but also of judgement, and war when enemies arise, all I see him promoting is hatred and terrorism through out this nation and a bad name to real christians, for one they judge us all, not even Jesus did such things when preaching about the Heavens during his time, he showed love, understanding, but also anger when people didn’t listen if you all noticed some discriptions about how he looked at some people in mathews,