• Please don’t do “roundups” of multiple subjects in a single article. No one — and I mean NO ONE — else on the Internet who sends-out email newsletters does that. Do not make the reader wade through things about which she does not care.

    Each subject gets its own linked-to thing in the roundup.

    What’s WRONG with you? Do not you subscribe to anything? Can you not see what is the Internet standard?!?

    Geez! [shakes head in disbelief]

    Gregg L. DesElms
    Napa, California USA
    gregg at greggdeselms.dot com

  • Kevin Eckstrom

    Gregg, if the current format doesn’t work for you, what exactly would you prefer? Separate emails for separate subjects? We’d like to know.


  • Marty

    How rude Greg’s comment is. As an ordinary user, I am more than satisfied with how the subjects are presented. The commentary moves smoothly, with embedded links to the items presented. There is sometimes a sweet humor in the commentary that I enjoy. Sending single pages would be a waste of bandwith, and sending a talking points list loses the commentary. I open the links I am interested in, finish reading the page and close it, then leisurely read through each page I opened. Works great. Greg, you really need to take some serious lessons in tact. Your behavior is quite unbearable.

  • Huey

    Please do not change the format. There are others that do in fact use basically the same format. The newsletters that I subscribe to have an option where I can get a single email of article summaries instead multiple emails throughout the day/week.

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