Truck driver pleads guilty to setting Ohio mosque on fire

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Mosque Arson

The Islamic Center of Greater Toledo was founded in 1954 and built this Middle Eastern-style mosque in suburban Toledo, Ohio in 1983. A fire that officials labeled as arson damaged the building’s interior on Sept. 30, 2012. It will be at least three months before damage from the blaze and water from sprinklers is repaired, mosque officials said. RNS photo by David Yonke

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TOLEDO, Ohio (RNS) An Indiana man who said he gets all his information about Islam from talk radio and Fox News has pleaded guilty to setting fire to a mosque in September, but local Muslims voiced concern there may be more people like him out there. By David Yonke.

  • Ranchman

    “”But the actual problem hasn’t been dealt with,” said S. Zaheer Hasan, spokesman for the United Muslim Association of Toledo.”

    What this guy did was the wrong way to go about stopping the advance of supremacist islam. But what we’re going to see as a result of his misguided actions is more islam supremacist laws. It’s already started, even in this article. By singling out Fox News, these mooslems are trying to bring negative attention to them, as if they’re somehow connected to a a “hate group.” It’s standard information warfare. Whoever controls the dialogue and the flow of information wins the battle.

    What this guy did was wrong, yes, but he was caught, convicted and sentenced. It’s no different than any other crime, why should it be treated differently? Mooslems want everyone to believe that there’s some undercurrent of widespread hate among the population which is, at any moment, going to overwhelm them with violence. Only special laws, they say, aimed at elevating them as special, protected citizens will protect them physically and protect their special civil rights. How about the stoning of Christians by mooslems in Dearborn, Michigan? The local chief of police, another mooslem, had the Christians arrested!!! Where were these Christians civil rights? How were these people protected? But what we’re going to see is Obama working overtime to pass special legislation in favor of mooslems and further diminishing the standing of Christians in society.

  • American

    The judge told Linn: “You are no better than the terrorists or extremists you sought to punish.”

    Umm, excuse me judge, but Mr. Linn didn’t fly occupied jetliners into occupied office buildings on 9/11/2001. You should reflect on that date as who the REAL terrorrists were.

  • Drash

    This man should not be incarcerated, he deserves a hero’s medal.

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  • Frank Norton

    After some 15 Crusades , Christians continue to fight the Muslems in Iraq, Aftganstam and in many other Muslem countries. In each of the countries, Muslems continue to burn down Christian churches and kill Christian famlies. Today there are some 1,200 Islamic Mosques in the USA. Former President George W. Bush told America that no American will be safe until all Muslems are dead. Burning down a Islamic Mosque is not killing Muslems, but evening the score.

  • Having attended the inter faith gathering at the Mosque, there were people from all parts of the world and from many different faiths and all spoke of spreading a message of understanding, of each other, and to better with each other. Media is there to report to us. Here, we have media outlets that have fanned the flames and encouraged many Parrots. When we accept that people will commit acts of violence and be from any culture, faith, country, etc., we will understand, we are not that different after all.