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  • Timothy Canezaro

    The state of Illinois should not attempt to redefine marriage. It is not bigotry or discrimination to treat different things differently. Marriage is unique in that one of its central components is sexual difference. Same-sex couples lack this essential difference and cannot procreate or provide both a mother and a father to children. Both reason and faith tell us that the marriage of one man and one woman calls forth the best of spouses, not only for their own sake, but also for the well-being of their children and for the advancement of the common good. Marriage generates children, is an ideal environment for raising them and is the basic building block for any human society. In the end, it is neither possible for us to change the definition of marriage, without forfeiting its meaning, nor wise to attempt to do so. Vote “no” on the redefinition of marriage!

  • There are many reasons to oppose same-sex unions — religious, moral, biological, natural, family, tradition. The common good is not served by the dismantling of natural 1 man, 1 woman marriage. See more reasons here.


  • SomoneWhoCares

    @Timothy, not every heterosexual couple can procreate first of all and they can still get married. Also, there are many people who have two mothers and two fathers for the sheer fact that their parents divorced and remarried. And sometimes they just have 1 mother. I had one mother due to divorce and I came out just fine. A socialworker told me it takes two parents to raise a child, but my mother did just fine with us. So.. u don’t need a mommy and a daddy to raise a child b/c in some cases you have both and the child still ends up in gangs or doing drugs. So that has nothing to do on how children are raised. And church and state are separate, this country was based on that FACT. Everyone deserves to have the same rights and should not be discrimnated against. Don’t force ur religious ideals on others.

  • Marine

    Shutting gay families and their children out of the protections and dignity of legal marriage will not cause more children to be raised by both a mother and father. Not a single one.

    The fact that you may believe that someone else’s family is not “ideal” is no excuse to deny them equal rights under the law.

  • Mike

    Because we no longer sell our daughters for a few goats and rich guys don’t marry 30 wives, then we have already redefined marriage. You don’t like it because it is icky, which is no reason to dictate laws.

  • elliot j. stamler

    I am a straight man living in New York. We legalized gay marriage here over one year ago. We had all the complaints and carrying on by the Catholic and fundamentalist Protestant and orthodox Jewish clergy. What has been the result on society? ABSOLUTELY NONE – except that gay people can get a marriage license from the county or NYC clerk and get married legally. No clergyman or house of worship is compelled to perform or host the marriage much less religiously recognize it. These ultra-conservative enemies of gay marriage are purposely conflating the religious RITE of marriage with the civil RIGHT of marriage. They are not the same thing. If you think gay marriage is a terrible thing..here is my advice: DON’T MARRY A GAY. Otherwise, and this goes for your cardinal out there in Ill. too–mind your own business and not your neighbor’s personal life.

  • zooeydeschanelforspeaker

    The funny thing about Superman’s Jewish background is how much Christology there was in the 1978 movie. “They are a good people Kal-El…they only need the light to show them the way…For this, I have sent them you, my only son.”

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  • Wayne

    If procreation is the sine qua non of marriage, I know a carpenter named Joseph whom you should speak with…….