Years of tension yield to thaw between gays, Mormons

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Mormons Building Bridges group leads the annual Gay Pride Parade through downtown Salt Lake City, Sunday, June 3, 2012. RNS photo by Scott Sommerdorf | The Salt Lake Tribune.

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SALT LAKE CITY (RNS) After years of tension between Mormons and gay rights activists -- with political action and theological pronouncements on one side, protests and pain on the other -- the gulf between the two groups has begun to narrow. By Peggy Fletcher Stack.

  • Jay

    No surprise to see another version of false christianity caving into the worlds satanic spirit. Instead of helping people to learn God’s will and principles so as to worship him acceptably, they tickle the ears of the masses in order to be more popular.

  • @Jay: FWIW, this article is really a stretch. The Mormon Church has *not* officially claimed that “being gay” is “not a choice”. They’re extrapolating from some very general language in an outlet without doctrinal authority.

    This post interviews only liberal Mormons, who do not speak for the Church, only for their experiences in it. The Church opposes homosexual practice. The Church opposes same-sex marriage. This has always been and will always be so.

    We simply are trying to help gay people understand we aren’t their enemies, even though we disapprove of their behavior.

  • Jean

    For the LDS to be seen not as an enemy of LGBT people it needs to do more like it did with the anti discrimination law in SLC. There should be an effort of the
    church to change discriminatory laws in 29 states that allow gays to be fired just because of who they are, not what they do.
    This effort could start in states with large Mormon populations like Utah, Idaho etc.

  • ExMoHoMoDon

    What complete nonsense. The so called Mormon Church is not thawing, but simply putting a prettier PR spin on the same tired load of hateful BS it has always pushed. ‘The Church’ is simply working overtime on it PR concerns–nothing has changed, and Mormons Building Bridges are Mormons who still believe and accept ‘the Church’s’ beliefs–they are just interested in trying to put whipped cream on manure so it can be called dessert. NO ONE is buying any of this.

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