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  • Charles Lezenby

    I am a little confused. Please help me along. If a gay man in some type of legal union and is committed to a partner, is he allowed to have sex with his partner? If no then is a straight man in a married legal union, and committed to a partner, they must also remain celebate also-correct. I read this as if you are saying married gays cannot have sex and married straights can! Makes no sense and is wrong in the eyes of Jesus Christ. Please reply.

  • Mr. Mansuri

    I am a Muslim student of Islam and like to study in various religion. As I believe, a man, weak in sexual relationship called gay. Gay are only from male society, never from female. If gay marry to a female and enter into sexual relationship with her, that is permissible but gay enter into a male or marry with him that call homosexual and it is forbidden, punishment is death.
    Read Genesis 19:24, Leviticus 18:22-24, 20:13, 1-Cor.6:9-10, 1-Timothy 1:9-10, Romans 1:26-31, Jude 1:7.
    But with sadness heart have to say a Christian country America made many lows against the bible and from those marriage man with man and woman with woman, reason of such lows criminal and innocent people of America suffering heavy punishment from God like storm, flood, earthquick etc.. Who are responsible murder of innocent: government, ministry and churches who allow to do so, or people who knowingly keep mum? God bless America.

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