Activists mobilize around White House’s Catholic ‘hate group’ petition

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(RNS) The White House’s online petition service features a bid to designate the Catholic Church as a hate group for its opposition to gay rights, and has generated almost as many press releases as signatures. By David Gibson.

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  • Rosemary

    The problem with this anti Catholic activist is that these people try to put themselves in God’s place. If we put God first in our lives, the thoughts of our hearts and the words of our lips would be very different,
    These people need to bring God and His teachings down from their heads, 18 inches to their hearts. They need to remember Good Friday, when He died for us – all of us, not just Catholics. We need to remember a couple of weeks ago when we celebrated the birth of God made Man. We need to remember as the early Christians knew that Jesus Christ is God, Jesus Christ is King and we need to proclaim this by our words, our actions and our love for our neighbor.

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  • Emmanuel Atuwosi

    Democracy, freedom of expression & of worship, these are some of the beautiful things about the USA. But when anything, including human liberty, is stretched too far, disastrous consequences usually follow. To us on this side of the Atlantic, America appears to have over-developed to the point of SELT-DESTRUCT. Or why would gay (homo-sexual & lesbian) behaviour become something that reasonable human beings would fight to institute as their own fundamental human right? Truly, according to one of our poets here, that’s AMERICA AND THEIR AMERICA. God save America!

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  • Carol

    We don’t have room for hate based groups preaching hate or giving us a list of sins – we have so much rancor from out elected leaders that is plenty for all of us. There are huge numbers of churches that don’t want practicing gays and there are struggles within those churches on what is right and wrong.