Quote of the Day: Holistic nurse Carla Brock of Springfield, Mo.

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(RNS) “I have spiritual and religious reasons to not have those toxins in my body.” — Board-certified holistic nurse Carla Brock of Springfield, Mo., who received an exemption from a mandatory flu shot but was fired after she refused to wear a surgical mask her hospital employer required. She was quoted by the Springfield (Mo.) […]

  • Kimberly Finney RN

    I am very disturbed at the firing of Nurse Brock. For many years I opted not to take the flu shot. I never got the flu. This year I took it at the urging of my employer, physician & co-workers. I am headed to the Dr in a few because, guess what???? I have the flu!!! I hope Nurse Brock gets compensation for this ridiculous firing.

    Kim Finney RN
    Maui, Hawaii

  • The flu vaccine contains dead or attenuated virions from last year’s strain of influenza. If the virus mutates significantly, or if you come into contact with a different strain of the virus, then you will get sick.

    Do they not cover basic immunology in nursing school?

  • Lafn@u

    I am glad she was fired.