As polls shift, gay marriage becomes a uniter, not a divider

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gay marriage

Barbara Carlson (left) kisses her son Sean as he goes out to walk the dog in Washington, DC, Tuesday, December 11, 2012. For Sean Carlson and his mother Barbara, the road to reconciliation has been rough and remains unfinished. RNS photo by Toby Jorrin/USA Today.

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(RNS) Millions of dollars have been spent on the fight over gay marriage, but beneath it, polls show that 36 percent of Americans say they had changed their minds about the issue. That figure represents millions of stories like Sean Carlson and his mother, Barbara. By Chuck Raasch / USA Today.

  • timothy

    No, gay marriage is not dividing us as a People of Prayer. Rather it is uniting us to defend Marriage just as we defend the Sanctity of Life and Family. We do not hate gay/lesbian/bi/transsexual people. They were each and everyone of them born of the Union of a man and woman and they are our relatives and friends.
    It was beautiful to read about the half million men, women, and children that marched yesterday to defend marriage. The official colors were pink and blue. We are inspired!

  • timothy

    Polls trying to determine what people believe religiously and spiritually, especially polls used by secular sources to disprove or use against those same people, well I am always leery of those polls as I am polls in general because they fail to provide an accurate picture of an issue and the range of people’s opinions on it.

  • It’s time for full civil and marriage equality rights now.
    Cheers, Jos. A. Mustich, Justice of the Peace,
    Washington, CT USA

    Religions don’t own human sexuality or marriage any longer..

  • billywingartenson

    cheers to you – in some ways , maybe its just me, Isense that you are still struggling a litel about equal marriage rights for gay people under civil law.

    We all struggle with many things. I thought it was odd that SS people should marry and I’m not at all reliigous.

    Now I’m one of the biggest individual contributors to marriage equality this past year in MD

  • billywingartenson

    I note your coment about SECULAR

    What about RELIGIOUS………..?

  • JesseNOTW

    A uniter for who? Those who still believe in the sanctity of marriage and believe marriage was and still is an institution brought together by God acknowledges where this country is headed. No matter how many states and countries begin to perform gay marriages it does not make it right. God still looks at it the same as when He first brought Adam and Eve together. Marriage is and always will be between a man and a woman and no human power can EVER change that! God’s laws and views on sin will always stand the same because God never changes, yet people and people of power to seek the support of a small minority groups that are being driven by the powers of sin will do and say anything to win the votes and support of the people; however, there is only one God. Our choice is, today is who will we serve, mere man or God? As I have always stated even to my gay relatives God loves the sinner but not the sin and if we continue to live in sin then we have to answer to Him. I’m not homophobic as stated I have friends and family and even coworkers that have chosen to live this lifestyle; however, I am very clear where God stands on this issue, and where I stand as a child of God. Those who still study the Word of God know these things are taking place because God predicted this thousands of years ago and here we are witnessing many of the events written in the Bible, yet many people refuse to listen and hear because they rather live and die to sin than to surrender their hearts to God. The same thing happened when Jesus was crucified and the death of his followers throughout the centuries. Jesus died because He stood His ground never wavering on what his mission and purpose were. His mission was to serve His father in heaven no matter what the cost, even if it meant dying on the cross for the SINS of the world. People will kill in order to live by their standards turning the eyes and ears from God. There is still hope for all who call sin by its name and not be afraid of mere man. We were ALL bought for a price and Jesus the son of God paid that price with His blood on the cross. Religion does not own human sexuality but God does and He wants what is best for all of us and He does not want for anyone to perish but come to repentance. We need to turn from our sinful ways before it is too late and may God have mercy on this country.

  • CMR

    Jesse, you are correct in all you’ve said but one thing you are missing is that 1John 5:19 tells us that Satan is ruling the world (and it’s gov’ts) right now. Since Jesus time down til now, Satan continues to be the force behind ALL human gov’ts. That is why we need to keep praying for God’s kingdom to come and rule over earth.-(Matt.6:9-10) Soon the prophecy at Daniel 2:44 will come to pass. God does not and will not “bless this country” or any other… He will REPLACE them with His gov’t with Christ Jesus as king… AMEN, come Lord Jesus…

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