• RJ

    Please correct a typo you have. It’s Buddha, not Bhudda.

  • kevan scott

    life begins at conception? then why don’t we call the two cells that divide at conception born instead of when the gestation period ends and the baby is delivered and we call that being “born’? Biblically, in the o. T. moses gave an account of two men fighting and they accidentally, while they were fighting, ran into a pregnant woman and caused her to miscarry. moses said the men should pay her an amount of money to pay for her miscarring but did not charge the men with murder or manslaughter. Why? if the all powerful god was all powerful and knew that in the future we would develop the technology to save fetus’s from dying in the womb, why didn’t God then charge those men with murder way back then? Because even god himself, in my opinion, knew the difference between a fetus and a born baby. end of abortation debate in my book.

  • Lloyd Dobbin

    I’m always amused by people who don’t have any faith but still troll sites where people of faith gather. It’s like a heckler at a comedy club, why bother to show up? Are you trying to prove you worth and value above those who happen to be here? Kevan, you spin around like a whirling dervish and move not an inch in your foolish arguments.

  • yedidnefesh

    Kevan, who you claim has no faith, has succintly, perhaps unknowingly, stated the Orthodox Jewish position on abortion: a fetus is a potential human life but does not have the same status as a born child. Therefore abortion is frowned upon, but is not murder.
    What any of this has to do with today’s news roundup I have no idea.