• Patrick ONeill

    Equality for gay people has been “swift” only to the great majority who payed no attention to this minority. Organized efforts to overturn our discriminatory laws by organization like the Mattachine Society began in the 1950s, following the end of WWII and the battle has been going on since then.

    I was born then and am now 67 years old and it hasn’t been achieved yet.

    That isn’t my idea of “swift”.

  • Does not your wool blend suit violate the Scriptures, Martin Marty ? Check Leviticus, the same book of the bible that declares homosexuality an abomination. If you in good conscience can violate the scriptures every morning when you put on that pair of cotton blend shirts and wool blend pants, then it’s time to concede that the scriptures view on being gay is simply wrong.

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  • Wayne

    Scripture is and has been used to deny or affirm any activity or institution, from slavery to driving an auto and shopping on the Sabbath. Ours is NOT and never will be a monolithic, theocratic country. Therefore, as long as we are a democratic nation, the overriding value must be equality, not “scriptuality”.

  • Bobby

    Actually it’s been going on since before the fifties. This is unfortunately the new line of the anti-gays that the change is happening to “swiftly”

  • George

    Re: “A few years ago, writes Cole, “those who fought for the right to marry. . . the partner of one’s choosing, regardless of gender—were called crazy and worse, by many.”

    They still are. We are STILL being compared to beastialists and child-molesters and murderers and “worse than terrorists” and “in bondage” – ALL thanks to the ‘religious’ (f)rightwing.

  • George

    Re: “let me summarize what I read and hear on many fronts among the “antis.” Advice given them: 1) Pretend this change is not occurring and ignore it; 2) since that doesn’t work, mount fierce opposition in state and church; 3) since that works less well each year, work out strategies for living in the face of changes one cannot welcome; that approach works at least temporarily for some, but the these resisting forces are themselves conflicted and convincing only to the convinced; 4) point to downsides in ecumenical relations with “poor world” churches where the tidewater does not yet rush; 5) reappraise your arguments, converse with the “other”, and make your case.”

    You forgot their 6th option: Lie about them and continue to villify them. This seems to be their most popular M.O.

  • George

    I’m 61 and I echo your sentiments. I heard the great Franklin Kameny from the Mattachine Society back in 1969 – that’s 44 years ago.