• makeshiftmemorial

    Did you mean to say that Giglio’s old sermon offended “gay priests”? I think it offended the gay community overall.

  • Pastor Gidlio has a right to his religious beliefs. But this new gay-friendly preacher (wolf in sheep’s clothing?) fits nicely with the morally bandrupt anti-Christ in the White House….

  • Mike

    It’s good news that the minister selected to participate represents the positive, inclusive side of religion rather than the narrow-minded, hateful side of religion.

  • Count me in as narrow-minded when it comes to rejecting sin…..The real hate is the homophobic bigotry that seeks to close down rational arguments and to intimidate people into acquiescence…

  • Sam

    Congratulations to Rev. Luis Leon! I think he is an excellent choice in every way…and someone with whom the President is familiar, which must be reassuring for him. I’m very happy about this selection.

  • gilhcan

    One has to ask why Obama’s inaugural committee ever considered the likes of Louie Giglio in the first place. After they sucked up to Ron Hubbard for 2009, one would think they had learned the important lesson of working with religious leaders who are genuine followers of the Jewish rabbi Jesus of post-Old Testament writings, the rabbi who preached “faith, hope, and charity,” and would have readily added “honesty” as the “greatest of these” if he were living in today’s Washington, DC, or in the evangelical South. Since St. John of Lafayette Square is north of the White House, perhaps that’s a good sign.

  • And excellent choice indeed…A wolf in sheep’s clothing for a man who rejects life and natural marriage….

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  • Dennis

    Matthew 19 :1-11 I just have a hard time thinking being gay is ok. I’m sure studying about it. Jesus always speaks of wife as woman and is very serious about it. why didn;t he make rules plainly about the gay and lesbian folks ?

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