Tuesday’s Religion News Roundup: Archbishop’s Apology * Mickey D’s Gaffe * Stolen Torah

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Golden Arches by Quimby via Wikimedia Commons

Golden Arches by Quimby via Wikimedia Commons

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Retired L.A. Cardinal Roger Mahony says he sorry for seeking to cover up the sexual molestation of children. A McDonald's promised halal food that wasn't. Thieves steal a rabbi's car with a Torah in the trunk.

  • kevan scott

    I read the whole article about the Cardinal’s supposed apology about the cover up and protection of pedophiles in the mid 80″s. His apology rings VERY hollow and HYPOCRITICAL. One hopes Bob Jones University is handling matters much differently. I doubt it though. These institutions have a way of protecting their own self interest and in doing so, the pedophiles themselves. Is it any wonder that so many are denouncing organized religion today. The total hypocricisy of these organized religious institions today has been revealed for what it is a love of money and power and nothing more. Funny, when Jesus overturned the money changers tables at the synagogue he complained about the same thing. Not much has changed in 2000 years has it? By the way, great article and coverage, L. A. Times!

  • kevan scott

    I forgot, great coverage by you as well Lauren Marco!!

  • John McGrath

    You published an old article under the headline for June 25, 2013. Are you aware of that?

  • Old Dude

    Lauren Markoe is a favorite of mine. Today was not too interesting though. Worn out topics are pedophile, gays, pro-choice, Prothero on anything, birth control and birth control pills, the church of crazies in Kansas, eschatology, Bart Ehrman’s bible complaints and whatever the Dollie Lama had for lunch. Great Christian energy came to Mooore OK and Norman OK from all over the U.S., terrific pastors (plural) at Harvest OKC church, terrific leadership at Hillsdale Baptist College, incredible people came there (from Israel, and from med schools, RN’s, corpsmen, grad students, veterinarians, ordinary folk, kids, retirees) .. all pitching in to help. Terrific “loaves and fishes” type story.

  • David Herrera

    Hi John,

    We’re aware that an email with a link to this Roundup was accidentally sent to our newsletter subscribers Tuesday afternoon. I’m looking into how that happened, and my apologies for the mistake. Feel free to comment here or email me at david.herrera@religionnews.com if you have additional questions.


  • Kevan Scott

    Yeah, but it was kinda neat to see an old RNR, and go back in time a bit even if it was only 6 or so mo.’s. Really when you think about it so much has changed in just 6 mo.’s.

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