• Kevan Scott

    Catholic bishops with a sense of morality what a novel idea. Italy’s leader has gone off the deep end of racism, glad fols in Italy are outraged about it. I’d like to know if there is anything the U.S. gov’t can do to get the preacher out of Iran? As much as I’ve turned against organized religion, I’ve even less tast for a gov’t that would sentence anyone to 8 years in prison for organizing house churches. Yes, I know this man knew the risks but he is an American and I have sympathy for him and his family.

  • Kevan Scott

    One more thing, yesterday was international Holocaust Rememberance Day, so how come I didn’t hear anything in the news about it or the President marking the occasion with a proclamation, nothing at all? Apparently the Holocaust and WW II are now ancient history. Really, 70 years is not that long ago, and it seems as if we have NOT learned anything from our recent history of 70 years ago. I see the same things that led up to a man named Hitler and the Holocaust that followed. Sure wish America would take a hard look back at recent history and realize it can happen and IS happening here.

  • Daniel Burke
  • Steve Swenson

    Daniel and all,
    Were you being tongue-in-cheek or predicting a major delay in the Vatican’s planned response to the 500th anniversary of the Reformation? Even the Vatican is not usually 10 centuries late in responding to epochal events. I wonder if Reformation churches, as we know them now, will still be around for 3017. If so, it doesn’t say much for the course of the ecumenical movement.

  • Daniel Burke


    My tongue was firmly in cheek. Even for a church that thinks in centuries, that would be a huge delay. That said, “soon” has an elastic meaning inside Vatican City, so I wouldn’t hold my breath.

    Cheers, and thanks for reading,

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  • God has a plan. However we should be outraged with the US Governments lack of intervention with this tragic situation. The President should demand Pastor Abedini’s immediate release! This is just another example of how our Government does not care about those that serve us under God.

  • frequentwind

    International Holocaust Rememberance Day is a UN-designated commemoration of the holiday and dates only from 2005. Yom HaShoah (Day of the Holocaust) is over 50 years older, more well known and much more widely followed by the Jewish people, as it is (a) a Jewish day of rememberance to begin with, specifically commemorating the Warsaw ghetto uprising; (b) it follows the Jewish lunar calendar, occurring sometime in the spring. I never even heard of IHMD before reading this article and thought there must be a mistake because it’s way too early for Yom HaShoah.