Boy Scouts shift on gays wouldn’t change rules on atheists

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The Boy Scouts' potential policy shift to allow gay members and leaders raises a question about another group shut out of Scouting: atheists, who decline to say the Boy Scout Oath because it references God.

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  • Mark Edwards

    The linking of gay men to pedophilia has been disproved time and time again, so it’s use as a justification of this policy is disingenuous. In fact, the overwhelming majority of pedophiles are heterosexual!

  • aldewacs

    The scouts: ” black, white, rich, poor, gay, straight ” not to be discriminated against.

    But atheists are still fair game? The only ones that ask reasonable questions rather than blindly believe what some pedophile priest says?

    It’s troubling to see that bigotry and discrimination are alive and well, albeit partially forced to go undercover. I didn’t know that “On my honor I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law.” includes authorized, nay, demanded discrimination against fellow humans. What an example you are setting there, scouts. Talking about honor is apparently easier than acting honorably.

  • aldewacs

    ” black, white, rich, poor, gay, straight ” are OK, … but atheists are not welcome?

    I guess that they might cause others to question the sky-fairy stories?
    Afraid of the questions by your little indoctrinated cubs are you?

    Here is news for you, scout management: nonbelievers generally couldn’t care less what someone else believes, and are highly unlikely to bring up faith issues in a conversation. It just doesn’t rise to the level of what they obsess about.

    It might do the scout movement a lot of good to have members who are doing good deeds for the sake of being good, instead of out of fear for retribution by, or promise of reward from, their deity.

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