Scott McClellan, Author of Tell Me a Story

Becoming storytellers: An interview with Scott McClellan

Scott McClellan, 30, is Communications Pastor at Irving Bible Church and former director of the Echo Conference. He is one of the foremost Christian voices on effective communication and is releasing his first book, Tell Me a Story: Finding God and Ourselves Through Narrative (Moody Publishers). In it, he shares what comprises a good story and how we can begin living better ones. Building on Psalm 107:2, which states, “Let the redeemed of the Lord tell their story …”, makes the case for every Jesus-follower to impact the lives of others by telling their own story of redemption. JM: The concept of story has come into the Christian evangelical lexicon in recent years by other authors like John Eldredge and Don Miller. What’s your take on it?

Quote of the Day: Pope Benedict XVI

“Thank you for your love and support. May you always experience the joy that comes from putting Christ at the centre of your lives.” – Pope Benedict XVI, in his last tweet from his @Pontifex account before leaving the Vatican and resigning on Thursday.

Timeline: Final days of Benedict XVI’s papacy and the conclave to elect a new pope

Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation will become official on Feb. 28, and the conclave of cardinals to elect a new pope will begin soon after. Here’s a timeline to browse significant events planned before Benedict’s resignation and what happens afterwards. We’ll update this timeline when the Vatican announces a date for the start of the conclave. Feb.


Two Cheers for Tebow

Over at RealClearReligion, Jeffrey Weiss thinks the fuss over Tim Tebow’s broken engagement at First Baptist Dallas doesn’t “make a lick of sense.” I beg to differ.