• Melissa

    ”male or female” – You should put these words in alphabetical order, rather than using the conventional male first order.

  • Mightyehuda

    Only another Moslem can remotely compare these to events
    The reality is these behavior are part of your cloture and tacitly approved or understood, I lived in Iran as a child so I witnessed a sick societal understanding for wife beater child molesters no unlike the Catholic Church you in Iran and Islamic world have perverted all the positive things Mohamed had said and only concentrate on the hatefull versus
    You are in your version of the dark ages and it will be centuries and millions more suffering before you reach you renesaunce. Good luck

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  • affirmer

    We are blind to our own cultural biases and illnesses; I think that Safi’s point is absolutely right. We are happily critical to others, and ignorant of the defects determining our own identities. (This does not mean that others don’t have defects.) The world would be a more beautiful place if we gave up arrogance and adopted the path of self-blaming (malamah).