Vatican backtracks on support for gay couples

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VATICAN CITY (RNS) A top Vatican official blamed the media for “derailing” his recent remarks on possible legal protections for unmarried couples, while reaffirming his support for British and French bishops who have been vocal opponents of same-sex marriage.

  • Jean-Pierre

    If the Archbishop is sincerely expressing a new Vatican policy then that is a very good thing. I will be skeptical until I hear about bishops in countries like Belize and Cameroons coming out in favor of repealing sodomy laws. Until now, these local bishops have been very vocal in opposing any relaxation of oppression of LGBT people.

  • Pastor Ernie Paul Young PhD

    Abomination of Homosexuality
    Excommunication from the church for abomination of homosexuality; God Almighty’s word on the matter, also those who encourage this sin are as guilty as you are and in your same damnation, and God Almighty shall judge all. Read all, study, and repent call upon the name of Jesus Christ.
    Roman’s chapter one, Roman’s chapter two, First Corinthian’s chapter five, First Corinthians chapter six, Galatians chapter five, Ephesians chapter five, First Timothy chapter one, Leviticus chapter eighteen, verse 22, Leviticus chapter twenty, verse thirteen, Deuteronomy chapter twenty three, verse seventeen and eighteen, Genesis chapter nineteen. To the unlearned Pastors, unlearned souls, and the Ministers of Satan who do try and pervert God Almighty’s Word, to all mankind learn, stop your sin abomination and repent of your sins of homosexuality today in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ who loves you but, not your sins.
    Do not let Satan’s Ministers tell you it is ok to be actively homosexual; read God’s Holy Word and repent. Amen

    Pastor Ernie Paul Young, PhD.

  • rob

    The pigs who run the Catholic cult really need to learn their place in society. They need to run their cult and stay out of politics and people’s lives. They need to be brought up on criminal charges for spreading hate, intolerance, and bigotry. The Catholic Church is one of the most immoral, greedy, hate-mongering institutions in recorded history. From its persecution of Jews and homosexuals, to the Inquisition, to its complicity in the Holocaust (including the fact that the present Pope is a former Nazi), to its complicity in pedophilia and denying the victims appropriate compensation, the Church has shown utter disregard for humanity, decency, morality, and the rule of law. I hope the sex abuse victims sue the Church into bankruptcy. And the Church attacks gays for being immoral? lol. Meanwhile, most of the pedophiles are heterosexual. Well if anyone would know anything about immorality, it’s the Catholic Church. The farther away other Churches get from the fanatical Catholic Church, the better off they’ll be. And why has Interpol not issued a warrant for the Pope’s arrest yet? And if the Church can spend hundreds of millions of dollars on hate campaigns and lawyers to fight victims, they can certainly start paying taxes. Why are the taxpayers underwriting government services for the Church? All countries around the world need to prosecute these degenerate priests and the Church hierarchy that covered the crimes up, expropriate all Church property, and tax the Church.

  • Leo

    Rob, Homosexuality is outlawed, not only by the Catholic Church, but has its origin in the Jewish Torah, namely, Leviticus–try reading it. Most religions, including, Bahai, Hinduism, and Buddhism have reservations about it. The Dalai Lama agrees with the Pope on most sexual issues. Islam simply would
    put you to death.
    Pope Gregory was not a Nazi and is not a Nazi. What would you do if your government forced you into a youth organization; you would very probably comply, as he had to do.
    The Roman Catholic church has pedophile problems, and most of them are committed by homosexuals, and the problems are really ebhephobilia, and they handled it poorly. They handled it the way all organizations handle it, that is, denial and coverup. Witness the Orthodox Jews, the Boy Scouts, Penn State, the Mormons and especially the Baptists. No one has the guts to explore Islam.
    Your diatribe is just hate filled, and you wouldn’t dare do it to any organization other than Roman Catholicism.