Christian left sees optimism in Obama’s second term

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gary dorrien

Gary Dorrien, an ethicist at Union Theological Seminary in New York City, one of the nation's most prominent liberal Protestant seminaries. For use wtih RNS-OBAMA-LEFT, transmitted on February 8, 2013, RNS photo courtesy Union Theological Seminary.

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(RNS) Heartened by his inaugural calls for gay rights and for bold action on climate change, those on the U.S. Christian left are confident that Barack Obama will now claim the progressive legacy they believe he craves.

  • jmac

    “Christian left” seems an adequate term to describe this group of folks since they have left behind the idea that people sin and need the forgiveness that comes through Christ and they have left behind the very Bible they claim their authority from. If a Biblical text says something they don’t like, they just leave it behind to gather dust.

  • Michelle Nelson

    So God’s word is not good enough for these folks .We all die and eternity is forever so to reject his word for some pleasures is not worth it .. to you left folks y’all need to wrap your mind around forever its longer than your life span here

  • Dallas Gotcha

    Let’s just disagree, Michelle. And if you return to Dallas, we can debate the topic further. 🙂