Have Gomez and Mahony made up?

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The public spitting match between Los Angeles Archbishop Jose Gomez and his predecessor, Cardinal Roger Mahony, must have been as uncomfortable as it was unusual. But there are signs that maybe there’s been a reconciliation of sorts, or at least some couples counseling for the sake of their spiritual children. Gomez publicly embarrassed Mahony last […]

  • David, Please note that Archbishop Gomez , likely with the Pope’s blessing, by publicy referring to Cardinal Mahony’s actions as “evil”, really upped the ante, increasing the likelihood LA prosecutors will pursue Cardinal Mahony criminally, as seems already occurring.
    Is this mainly about making children safe, or just the latest chapter in the efforts of the Pope (with likely Opus Dei input) to press President Obama in the immigration reform battle heating up. Mahony would not likely tie this reform to gay marriage issues as the Pope and his plutocratic Republican allies appaer to be doing.
    Hence, feed Mahony to the prosecutors? Will this finally move other Cardinals to stand up to the Vatican Cardinals, if only in self-defense?
    For more explanation, please see: http://wp.me/P2YEZ3-lN


    This public spanking of Cardinal Mahony was crafted by the Vatican. There are no surprises here. The Vatican, Gomez and Mahony, are pure Baloney. They are all masters of deceit.

  • Norwegian Blue

    “Concrete actions of healing and renewal.”

    Here’s an idea: set up TWO campaigns for the archdiocese.

    Campaign 1 is “We Support Mahony.”

    Campaign 2: “Archdiocese Gets This Money When Mahoney and Curry Publicly Tell the Vatican They Resign.”

    See which raises more.

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