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  • Victor

    (((Like everybody, I’m always reading articles about the church’s trials today, so I understand the reasons for this phenomenon: life is too busy; nobody really thinks you need to go to church to be a good person anymore; many young adults grew up with no formal religious tradition, so going to church is not even an option that crosses their minds; the church has consistently hurt people — all kinds of people — and who needs more of that in your life

    “Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return.”

    We stand together, in all our shared humanity, unified in our yearning for forgiveness and grace, and together buoyed by the reassurance, ringing in our ears as we go back into this cold, hard world:

    “… but the steadfast love of the Lord endures forever.”)))

    As I reflet on the above paragraphs, I can’t help but think that some spirits are Fed UP with woman who believe that they need a title behind their names and/or must be in some way equal to men A.S.S. (Aging Super Sinners) title in order to do the works of “Jesus” for Christ sake why must that be I ask NOW?

    Long story short, what would most Saints, Apostles and/or Angels of GOD (Good Old Dad) think about “IT” all? The closes I could get to asking him would be to ask sinner vic, my 92% cell gods what he sum time think about “IT” NOW?

    Hey Victor! Longer strory short, we are your gods and we say that From Ashes to Dust and from Dust to Ashes, if GOD don’t want U>S, The Devil “MUST”.
    Those who have ears to ear hear here, the judge is coming! 🙂

    Happy Saint Valentine Day and Happy Lent and please don’t stop praying for “ME”, “ME” and “ME” NOW!? :(]



    Who really need The Blessed Sacraments “I” ask ya NOW Papa?