Does ‘Downton Abbey’ downplay anti-Semitism – and Judaism?

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(RNS) If God is missing from the hit television series “Downton Abbey” what about the other great religious oversight -- the fact that the show glosses over the anti-Semitism that was also commonplace in turn-of-the-century English, especially among the aristocracy?

  • I noticed the absence of prayers for the monarch, particularly in the scene at the end of the war. Seems to me to be a glaring absence.

  • Julian Fellowes states that “it was quite usual” for rich Jews to have their children brought up as non-Jews. Not so. While it was not unusual, it certainly was not as commonplace as he implies.

  • Abraxas

    How DARE this series not address the concerns of the Chosen People? After all, what could be more important?

  • Mack Hall

    I am an enthusiastic supporter of Israel and an admired or Judaism.

    And none of this has anything to do with DOWNTON ABBEY

  • Mack Hall

    Perhaps a falling meteor triggered my incomplete submission, tho’ I fault only myself for my inept misspellings. To continue: DOWNTON ABBEY is a drama, a fiction, not a history. One might as well fault John Wayne’s FORT APACHE for not discussing Lebanese immigration in Arizona in the 19th century. Just enjoy the costumes and the emo, folks.

  • David Gibson

    Mack Hall: I’d say “Downton Abbey” is a historical drama that turns on a very precise rendering of historical events — from the Titanic to WWI to the fate of great families like the Crawleys. And it deals with anti-Catholicism and the Irish very much in-depth. Given that anti-Semitism was such a prominent feature of the time and class, and that Cora, the Countess, is half Jewish, you’d expect at least some treatment of the issue. I think it would also frankly make a good plot point for revealing and perhaps developing character.

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  • Scarlett OHara

    “Exploring antisemitism” in Downton Abbey will only open the door to more “bash whitey” propaganda— which we get too much of in the media already. I find Downton Abbey a refreshing escape from the left-wing brainwashing and white guilt indoctrination. It is about time that White Europeans are allowed to proudly luxuriate in their own magnificence, in their own culture, their own great style, and in their own historical accomplishment.

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