• Kevan Scott

    If the next Pope would commit to a Vatican policy of transperancy, real transparency, the effect would be enormous for the Vatican and for Catholic’s around the world. If you see Patricia’s comments from Monday the Vatican would do well to at least giving thought to women preist’s and also to married preist’s as well. Although I personally am not Catholic nor religious I’d love to see the Catholic church begin to catch up to the 21st century. I also would like to see not only the Catholic church but all mainline churches as well, all of them commit to following the mandate of Christ to feed the poor, cloth the naked, heal the sick etc. It is that commitment to social issues that the Church has forgotten and the most important thing churches around the world and especially here in America need to do. Leave the political issues for the politician’s and follow the words of Christ. If all churches committed to that there could not be real critic’s against them for following the words of christ. Rather, they would add follower’s. good deeds begat good deeds!!

  • John

    Check out the awesome priest. Married with children. Our lady of the rosary, greenville south carolina. God is working to help us, You just have to be able to see the signs.

  • Kevan Scott

    Come on John, Everyone knows that you can be married and a priest if you were married before joining the priesthood. No new sign there. By the way, as per your other post on RNS, not every meteorite that falls from the sky is a sign of anything. Sometimes, actually most times, a meteorite falling from the sky is just a meteorite falling from the sky. I don’t need to look for signs in the sky, enough going on in the world to distract me, that and the fact I am blind. Sigh. Could be worse, I could not have any discernment. Much worse.

  • john

    evidently you didnt read the post that i was responding to. my comments where directed towards that persons comments about letting priest marry. Im sorry that you can not see. Signs are gifts from god. you do not have to be able to actually view them. I have been given the gift of sight, not just to be able to see but to also see gods devine works. your lack of sight may deter you from seeing these things but your other senses are stronger than most. use them and experience the gifts that god has given you and testify to the miricles you witness. kevin rocks falling from the skymay be a sign but those are not what im talking about. listen and here the signs of devine intervention. not the news

  • Mike Daly

    I agree with that totally ! Well said ! The over 3 billion the Catholic Church has spent on victims of abuse, was supposed to be for the poor! How much money do u think the church would collect if the people were told the colection was for getting pedophiles off scot free. This is as absurd as Jim Jones! The Catholic Church has too much money to mishandle, time to cripple them. I’m catholic, but embarrassed ! Mike Daly