• How long,saints,will ye halt between two opinions? If the Lord be God,serve Him,but if your bishop/preacher/”apostle”be your”gods”,then…I’m hopeful than one day,maybe soon,these sheep will wake up and realize that as long as you’re in thrall to these scam-artists,charlatans,hucksters,hirelings,and false so-called”prophets”,you will continue to be prey for their cons,schemes,plots,and robberies!! Wake up church! Where’s your discernment? How long will you let these deceivers…”Make merchandise of you?…(2 Peter 2:3)-How long?? And while you’re at it,many of you might want to lay your own hearts naked and open before the searching fire of the Holy Spirit,because scams and cons always depend on an untapped resevoir of covetousness and greed heretofore unknown to the victims of said schemes!!!-Get a clue,saints! Almighty God is not our”cosmic gofer,people;He not a bellhop catering to our felt need,contrary to the overheated,overblown claims of the so-called”health-and-wealth,name-it-and-claim-it,”prosperity gospel”hustlers!! Wake up,church! It’s not about you; the true Gospel is not”me-centered,best-life-now”oriented! No; The Risen Christ is the be-all and end-all of the True,Authentic Gospel,period!!-So…Get a grip,saints!

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  • Victoria Williams

    Trust no man…
    evangelist Lady Victoria

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