Wednesday’s Religion News Roundup: Anti-Pope Emerges? * Pro-lifers as Pro-choicers? * Lenten Delicacies

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The papal debates get medieval, with talk of an anti-pope. And it's not Cardinal Mahony, though he's not winning the popularity contest. Is it a "Yope" or a "Poda"? Plus: The Gospel according to Downton.

  • Jay

    Ha! Yoda probably knows more scripture than the pope!

  • LisaB

    I’m not sure how abortion foes supporting a girl who is fighting to NOT have an abortion is a reversal of roles? I would expect abortion foes to support her . . . .

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  • Maureen Hurley

    Cardinal Mahony, to his credit, has been exceptionally concerned for the poor and the marginalized.. Let you who are without sin, cast the first stone!

  • Colleen

    Are you suggesting that the more than 500 hundred cases of child sexual abuse should be overlooked? How about the fact that Cardinal Mahony purchased an annuity for Oliver O’Grady if O’Grady would take the contempt citation instead of speaking the whole truth? And… for his devotion to Catholicism, and his disregard for the children victims, he was exalted. Frank Keating was right. The Costa Nosa is an apt discriptor.

  • Rosemary

    This flip gloss sounds very much like what a sixth grader, who thinks he’s clever, would write. It’s at that level, and it doesn’t say much for the awards you have received.
    What are you trying to convey by showing yoda dressed like a New Age pope?
    Since when is healthcare for someone who has devoted his life to helping fellow Christians constitute Socialism?
    I can’t wait to read your bio of Pope Benedict.
    RNS: ditch the “round-up” comments

  • Kevan Scott

    To those who can’t understand why the Cardinal is getting so much criticism it is because his comments seemed to say look at how much I’m suffering, which would be okay if he had conveyed that those who were sexaully abused and then watched the church protect the abuser, are suffering as much or more than the Cardinal himself. Remember that this Cardinal was one of those who hid the abuse from the authorities, transferring priests and such to prevent the police from ttalking with the abuser. If the Cardinal is feeling guilty for doing that then I have no doubt that he is suffering but he needs to remember the abused as well when making comments about how much he is suffering. His suffering is nothing compared to the lifetime of suffering and dealing with the effects of being sexually abused at such an early age. that a victim has to deal with. While the Cardinal may be truly repentant for what he did to protect predators then fine but generally and always my sympathies will lie with the abused and not with those who helped to protect predator priest’s.

  • Kevan Scott

    As to the reversal of roles in the girl wanting to have the baby and her parents wanting her to undergo an abortion I find it very hypocritical that those on the right who are so avidly anti-abortion would support the parents in this instance. Imagine supporting the parents who want the girl to have the abortion and in those who are anti-abortion’ ‘s eyes killing the baby. Really, in this instance they would support killing a fetus just because the parents are sueing to have their rights to force the daughter to undergo the abortion.. Nothing hypocritical about that at all, said with a large dose of sarcasm. As one who supports a woman’s right to choose, I support the girl because she is CHOOSING to have the baby, and I would have supported her if she had chosen to have the abortion. There IS NOTHING hypocritical about that.

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