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  • Kevan Scott

    Teebow may have ‘fumbled’ a great opportunity but I would rather him show his charachter and true beleif in not accepting the speaking engagement than by accepting it and violating his code of ethics. The opportunity may have been great but at what personal cost to Mr. Teebow. As a Gator fan who has leveled some criticism at him for his very public shows of religion I commend him for what I’m guessing is the right decision.

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  • Gary Beaubouef

    The article in the Huffington Post concerning Benedict XVI and his resignation was good, but the lead above claiming the Pope asked Fidel Catro’s advice about resigning is a load of rubbish. Nowhere in the article does it say that the Pope asked for Castro’s advice. It does mention that Castro asked the Pope what his duties are. Come on! Do you folks make this stuff up?