• You can get it in Rome at the American Embassy grocery store (for employees), so should it so happen that a more lengthy stay is required for completing the conclave (electing a new Pope), perhaps someone at the embassy in a move of Judeo/Christian charity can send a jar of peanut butter to good Cardinal Dolan!

  • I think that Timothy Dolan would make the best new Pope. It’s about time for some new young Cardinal to take the ropes. The New Pope needs to be younger and more vibrant. The Papacy is a very energetic job. It takes a very charismatic Cardinal for this very demanding job. He is the only Cardinal who has the energy for the job, and is very Charismatic. It’s time to get someone who is not from Europe.

  • Alicia Figueroa

    Please someone send the good Cardinal some peanut butter. Thank you, Your Eminence for making me laugh once again. You are the side of Christ Jesus that is rarely seen in His Servants. God Bless you with His Holy Spirit especially during these coming weeks. I will listen for you on the Catholic Chanel.

  • Ashley

    I love him very Much , we need a Usa Pope!